Lord Dekelor

Shining Blade of Heironeous, Officer of the Royal Army of Cydon

Dekelor’s Sigil
Colonel Dekelor
1st Encounter: Session 33, Talynbourg
Attitude: Unfriendly/Hostile
Physical Traits: Clean-cut, Physically Powerful
Personality: Polite, Stern, Disciplined
Role: Law Enforcement
Affiliations: Cydonic Army, Church of Heironeous, Shining Blades

Colonel Dekelor is a tall, light haired man with a close-cropped, military haircut. His demeanor is collected and serious, but civil. He wears a set of very nice looking full-plate, polished to a mirror shine. Over his armor, drapes a tabard emblazoned with the Cydonic coat of arms. The pauldrons (shoulder pieces) on his armor are embossed with the sigil at left. He carries a longsword in an intricately wrapped scabbard.


Lord Dekelor

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