Wigston Muxloe

Gnomish Bard

Wigston Muxloe
1st Encounter: Session 31: Rescuing Kit
Attitude: Helpful
Physical Traits: dark, tousled hair, fidgety, can’t hold his liquor
Personality: Talkative, gives long answers to simple questions
Role: Knowledge source, companion
Affiliations: None

Wigston is a little obnoxious… after all, he’s a gnome and a bard. However, he is quite friendly, eager to help and has proven himself to be useful in tough situations, and as a source of occasionally useful information. Wigston’s bardic instruments of choice are vocal recitation and the gnomish kiitar (a bizarre conglomeration of bellows, buttons and cranks that produces a reedy treble sound.)


Wigston Muxloe

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