Daethins Backstory

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Daethin’s mother was Lady Amarwen Goldenleaf, a reknowned wizard and officer of the Elven court at Galtrimarth. Against the wishes of her parents and her brother, the fastidious and ambitious Daranel Goldenleaf, she married a common soldier, one Davethan Moonshadow. The two shared a rare bond of love, and less than a year after their wedding, Daethin was born.

From early on, Daethin took far more readily to his father’s trade and interests than to the life of a young Elven noble; he and Davethan would often go hunting in the woods for a week at a time or more, and young Daethin learned wood-craft and stealth, and the skill of listening to the rhythms of nature.

Soon after Daethin’s birth, one of the Drow kingdoms from the tunnels far beneath the Cloud Peaks began a series of incursions against Elionde, using undead minions and orcish allies to bolster their ranks. The Elven armies were harder and harder pressed. When Daethin was 15, the First Army of Elionde marched under General Varasan to stop a major incursion, and Davethan Moonshadow went with them. He did not come back.

After his father’s death, Daethin took even more to wood-craft and the art of sword and bow which Davethan had begun to teach him; and he came to call himself by his father’s name, Moonshadow, rather than his mother’s noble name, Goldenleaf. This perturbed his uncle Daranel, who took steps to try to tame the rebellious youth. Daranel hired Remar, an accomplished mage who had served with Daethin’s father, to tutor the young Elf in magic, with which Daethin had shown some talent but little interest. Daethin and Remar soon developed a repoire; Remar respected Daethin’s talent, and Daethin respected Remar’s persistance, for the two of them would often go travelling in the woods together, Remar realizing that it was impossible to try and get Daethin to sit in a classroom and study.

In Daethin’s early twenties, he and his mother made a series of visits to the camp of General Varasan. The war with the Drow was beginning to go badly by that point, and Daethin took each opportunity to visit with the common soldiers – many of whom shared his surname, for the Moonshadow clan names many revered hunters and soldiers among its ranks. Daethin also suspected that a bond of love was growing between the General and his mother, which at first unnerved him, for he had loved his father deeply; but he grew to like the General, and to respect him, and the General took it upon himself to express his sincere and personal guilt for the death of Davethan Moonshadow to Daethin; the two of them would be friends for the greater part of Daethin’s life.

Tragedy struck then, for upon one of these visits to the battle-front, a Drow commando unit attacked, spreading the elements of a deadly plague which became one of their primary weapons at that stage of the war. Eventually it proved so disastrous to both sides that the Drow ceased using it; but at the time it was their favorite scourge, and Daethin’s mother fell sick with it. She was rushed to Galtrimarth and the best physicians, but she died within days, and Daethin’s heart grew black with sorrow. Less than a year later, he snuck out of his uncle’s home in Galtrimarth and made the journey to General Varasan’s headquarters at the front. One day later he began his training as a soldier of Elionde’s First Army.

Among the Elves, war-training is a long and arduous process, for the Elves value skill above all else in their soldiers. For twenty-five years Daethin’s skills were honed, and it soon became apparent to his instructors that he had an aptitude for stealth and for archery. During this time, General Varasan took a special interest in Daethin’s training, often electing himself the recruit’s personal instructor; and he was a harsh drillmaster, clearly expecting more out of Daethin than out of most recruits, until their relationship was sorely strained. But in after years, Daethin came to realize that the General was so hard on him simply because he still felt responsible for Daethin – that the General indeed felt an obligation to shepherd the son of Davethan Moonshadow and Amarwen Goldenleaf.

All throughout Daethin’s military career, his uncle Daranel went through periods of apathy and annoyance. He tried to find his wayward nephew more than once, but always his efforts were thwarted by the General in one way or another. Then Daranel would throw up his hands and pretend to disown his nephew; but always he would go back to searching, whether out of love for one of his last living relatives and rememberance of his slain sister, or out of a desire not to look foolish before his fellow courtiers.

Finally the time came for Daethin’s first campaign. Daethin had been on many hunts and killed many times before his first battle, but he had never faced the Undead. He was assigned to a platoon of scouts and lived through many small skirmishes with zombies and ghouls in his first few years of soldiering. He became adept at combating the lifeless minions of the Drow, learning their weaknesses and making a study of their tactics, and soon became a valued asset to General Varasan’s army, eventually reaching the rank of Scout-Sergeant over the course of several tours of duty.

There were periods when Daethin felt he was done with the soldier’s life, where weariness or post-traumatic shock would send him home to Galtrimarth to try and forget or to move on. He lost many comrades during his time as a soldier of Elionde, many in very horrible ways, and he carries those wounds still. But every time he returned to Galtrimarth, he found his uncle there waiting to cage him in a world of intrigue and bureaucracy which Daethin found cloying and even repulsive. He would always flee back to the soldier’s life, which became the only sort of life he knew how to live. And there was a certain pride in it that he came to identify with. It was his father’s trade, an honorable trade, and Daethin was good at it.

There came a night, only a few years ago, when Daethin awoke from sleep in his camp and left his tent, restless. Looking into the trees beyond the camp, he thought he saw the white form of a Unicorn disappearing into the forest. Excited at the prospect of meeting such a beast, Daethin tracked it through the woods, but the beast continued to elude him, always keeping just ahead of his sight. Suddenly Daethin’s keen ears picked up the sounds of battle, and he recognized the snarling of Ghouls. He stalked carefully in the direction of the sound, until he came upon a sad sight: a lone wolf was fighting for its life against three ghouls which had cornered it against a cliff-side.

Daethin did not hesitate to aid the beast, and together the two of them slew the ghouls. The wolf collapsed, fatigued and grievously wounded, and Daethin carried him back to camp, staying by his side and caring for him until he revived. Daethin named him Scar, for the wolf will forever carry the disfiguring marks he earned in battle with the ghouls. Daethin sees a reflection of himself in Scar, for both of them carry a multitude of old wounds, but press on because they must. The two of them have never been parted since their meeting.

Less than a year ago, Daethin earned his greatest recognition as a soldier of Elionde when, during a pivotal battle in the foothills of the Cloud Peaks, he unhorsed a Drow blackguard with his bow, disrupting the undead ranks and allowing the Elven infantry to turn the tide of battle. Daethin was sorely wounded in a following sword-fight with the enraged blackguard, but he was saved by Scar and by General Varasan himself, who slew the blackguard and thereby won the day. Daethin was hailed as a hero by many of his comrades, but it would appear that this incident was the last straw for Daethin’s uncle Daranel, for the Elven noble took several steps to ensure that Daethin would not be thusly placed in harm’s way again. Daranel consigned Daethin to the care of a relative living in one of the nearby human kingdoms. Daethin never found out the exact details of his uncle’s plan, for at the earliest opportunity he slipped away, and now wanders the lands beyond Elionde’s borders.

Daethins Backstory

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