Death Pogs

It’s Death… in POG Form!

This is one of the most successful additions I have made to my gaming table. I originally had the idea to create death pogs from laminated bits of card-stock because my goodie-goodie players kept wanting to do things like keep bad guys alive so they could face trial or interrogation. Well, in the chaos of combat, it can be quite challenging to remember which defeated baddies are dead, and which are merely dying. Death pogs solved that problem with flying colors! (mostly red.) Then, when I saw this article from NewbieDM posted here on Obsidian Portal, I thought, “Egad! Washers! Why didn’t I think of that!?” and so created the sturdier, death pogs 2.0

Death Pogs have been such a success at my game table that, even if they are only battling one or two opponents, my players insist on commemorating their demise with the placement of a pog.

Feel free to download the image below to print your own pogs. (simply set your image resolution to 100px/inch for a 1” token) The simple instructions for mounting can be found by following this link

It's Death... in POG Form!

Oh! and if you would like to design your own custom pogs for free, I recommend you check out Token Tool from RPTools. It’s free to download and simple to use.

Death Pogs

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