The lost citadel of Edhel’Tal

The citadel of Edhel’Tal was built by an hermetic sect of the Eilolaer (ancient elves). The sect, was dedicated to the collection and preservation of arcane knowledge. Little is known about the Edhelic elves or about the specific information they gathered.

The community at Edhel’Tal pursued its goal, diligently driven by a prophecy that the elven world would soon be destroyed. Perhaps this prophecy foretold the coming of the orcish hordes, which razed the elven lands under the leadership of the tyrant, Gruumsh. The Edhelic elves were not counted among the members of the exodus from Eilolal and nothing is known about their ultimate fate.

The exact location of Edhel’Tal was lost for centuries, deep in the forbidding lands that became the Red Wind Wastes. Tantalizing clues of its existence percolated out of the desert from time to time, most notably as a result of the ill-fated Cydonic crusade to locate and liberate the lost citadel led by King Trysonas. Though Trysonas and most of his army perished in their effort, the captain of his Royal Guard escaped the Wastes carrying a golden egg, called the Yautso. The egg is thought to be a magical key used to access the ancient ruin.


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