Fharlanghnish Parish

The Fharlanghnish Parish splits the Inner Ward down the middle. A broad avenue runs from the Gates of Divinity all the way to the island of the Basilica. This street is dotted with markets selling exotic goods from around the Westerlands and beyond. The Fharlanghnish Parish is also home to numerous inns, stables, teamster and merchant guilds.

The Spire of Fharlanghn rises above the Gates of Divinity at the Northernmost point of the Inner Ward. The top of the spire houses a great beacon, which can be seen by travelers for miles around to help guide them to their destination, wherever it may be. More recently, the spire has also been converted to serve as a mooring post for Gnomish airships, which occasionally visit the city from the Gnomelands far to the North.

In addition to sites dedicated to Fharlanghn, this Parish also contains a gnomish embassy dedicated to Garl Glittergold, which is located on one of the many market squares along the main avenue.

Spire Name:

The Great Beacon

Places of Interest:

  • Inns
  • exotic marketplaces
  • Embassy for Garl Glittergold (god of gnomes)
  • Travel supply shops
  • Teamsters guilds
  • Stables

Fharlanghnish Parish

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