Game Room

My girlfriend and I just moved into a new place. One of our criteria when looking for our new home was that it must provide a good gaming environment. The place we got turned out far better than we expected!

It’s important to note that, up until now, all of our games have been played in apartments with either very small, or no dining room tables. We have played mostly on couches and coffee tables, with the rare exception of weeks when one of my players was house-sitting for people whose home is a REGISTERED CAT SHELTER. Believe me, we went back and forth as to whether playing at a table was worth dealing with diseased cat stink.

Now, we no longer need to worry! Here are some of the features:

  • Nearly 23 square feet of playing surface (As a point of comparison, the tan battle mat in the middle of the table – roughly 18” on a side – is about the size of most of our previous tables.)
  • Seats 8 comfortably, can squeeze in 10 if necessary

game table1

game table2

  • power strips at each end of the table (depending on the game, we typically have 3 or 4 laptops going)
  • bookshelf with game books and shelf space for minis or dungeon tiles within arm’s reach of the DM station.

game table3

game table4

  • plenty of surrounding floor space for nervous pacing or dramatic reenactments.

Game Room

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