Garl's nuggets! Don't just stand there gawkin' I ain't gettin' any prettier!
Ipswitch Cogsworth, Gnome engineer

The Gnomes of the Westerlands are a curious folk. They hold a great love for invention and engineering. As such, they have sought to rediscover and maintain some of the technological advances that were once commonplace in during the time of the Gnossian empire, but which have been lost in the ages since the Fall.

Many Gnomes have integrated easily into the human and other kingdoms of the realms, as their engineering prowess is seen as a valuable asset to any ruler seeking to build the next great war machine or expand his capitol. However, the heart of Gnomish society, and its greatest secrets reside within the Gnomelands, a region just south of Northwest end of the Cloud Peaks

The cultural center of Gnomish society is the city of Yezhitra which has risen up around an ancient Gnossian complex known as “The Repository” The Gnomes have launched a massive investigation and restoration of the Repository as they attempt to collect and reconstruct the lost knowledge of the Gnossian Empire.

Access to the site has already helped Gnomish culture to rapidly advance its technological capabilities. They have learned to harness elemental forces in order to power massive mechanical systems and transportation devices, and their knowledge of constructs is unsurpassed among the races of the Westerlands. Their reconstruction of the Gnossian knowledge base remains far from complete, but their efforts are ongoing and the fruits of their labors have spread beyond their borders. A system of rail-guided, elemental-powered transports now links the Gnomish capitol with the Dwarven city of Clangathar and additional lines are being extended south to the human merchant centers of the Western coast.

One of the Gnossian technologies, which the Gnomes “discovered” is the sentient race of constructs known as the Warforged. The gnomes have incorporated the Warforged into their society where they serve as bodyguards, soldiers and heavy laborers.


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