What in the name of Garl’s Nuggets is a Sporkchop!?

The short answer is:
He’s a product of my weirdest imagination.

The not-so-short answer is:
The image of sporkchop is based on a creature that I originally drew as a little kid. At the time, he didn’t have a name, but I called the creature a “keeblesnort”... which is the sort of thing an 8 year-old would name a creature of his own devising.

It should go without saying that the image of Sporkchop you see to the right was not a drawing I did when I was 8. During college, I got a shiny new pen with a super-tiny nib and, under the premise of taking my new drawing tool for a test drive, I decided to upgrade my childhood drawing to reflect my updated artistic ability.

Then, last year, the still unnamed keeblesnort became yet another experiment for me. He was one of the first subjects I digitally traced using a brand new mouse tablet and pen that was a gift from my girlfriend.

When I joined this site back in February, I set the little guy to be my avatar and then, when I returned to using the site in November, I gave him his name, Sporkchop.

Sporkchop has actually been one of my favorite online handles, ever since I first used it for a dwarven ranger during my brief stint playing WoW.

To me, Sporkchop the keeblesnort represents my lifelong love of creative imaginings and world-building (keeblesnorts were denizens of one of the first worlds I dreamt up as a child) and so, I feel he is an appropriate avatar for my latest creative outlet, which is the 3.5 campaign I am currently running.


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