The Westerlands

Session 2 Recap:

The Cure

Day 2, Mar-16, Sleeping Bear Trail

2:30PM After dispatching the monstrous spider, the party cleared the remainder of the webs from inside the cabin, hoping to find some trace of Fritz. Unfortunately, the only person they find is the dessicated corpse of the cabin’s former resident, a reclusive artist named Robert. Along with Robert’s body, the group uncovered some coins, the artist’s final painting along with his artisan’s tools and a scroll of Charm Monster. The group packed up the scroll and the coins, but left the rest to collect on the trip back.

3:30PM As the group continued toward the lake, they entered a clearing full of berry bushes where a hungry black bear was grazing and blocking the path. Rayne smartly suggested that the party bang on their shields, shout and try to look big in order to drive the bear off. Their combined efforts to intimidate the beast convinced it to seek quieter forage away from the trail.

5:00PM At last, the party reached Sleeping Bear lake and spied the cave that was supposed to contain the moss they seek. After Kit’s calls hoping to draw out Fritz raised no answer, the party decided to venture cautiously into the cave. Scouting ahead, Kit discovered that what appeared to be a forked passage was in-fact a massive pillar just inside the cave mouth. As Kit rounded the pillar, she discovered an ogre, waiting in ambush for the party to come around the pillar in the opposite direction.

After a quick withdrawal to warn the group of the ambush, kit snuck back in and attempted to backstab the waiting beast. Unfortunately, the ogre’s hide armor was too thick for Kit’s rapier and the strike went astray. Fortunately, her cry quickly brought the others to her side. A blast of Flame Ray from Rayne and some swipes from Rua’Lanna’s longsword were followed up as kit ran the ogre through from behind. Rua’Lanna suffered a pretty hefty blow from the ogre’s greatclub, but the adventurers were ultimately victorious.

After the battle, the party discovered the body of Fritz along with a cloak of resistance, silver morningstar, hunting horn and a semi-precious quartz piled in with the remains of the ogre’s victims. The party collected the moss they were sent to find and then gave Fritz a proper burial in the custom of Ehlonna. Once Fritz was put to rest, the party set up camp for the evening.

Day 3, Mar-17, Sleeping Bear Trail to Stillford

8:00AM The party set out in the morning to return to Stillford. They stopped briefly at the artist’s cabin to collect his last work and continued towards town. The group was temporarily delayed at the stream-crossing when they stumbled upon a pair of orcs, most likely looking for easy prey. The group dispatched the orcs quickly from a distance before continuing the rest of the way to town uninterrupted.

2:00PM The group arrived back in Stillford. They delivered the silkmoss to Eilnys at the shrine. They informed Eilnys of the tragic end of Fritz, the Errandboy and of their discovery of Robert, the Artist’s death by spider. Eilnys thanked them for seeing to the proper burial of Fritz and informed them that the ox should be ready to travel in the morning.