The Westerlands

Session 24: Crazy Camp!

Dinner and a Floor Show!

Location: Fenwatch to the Tangled Fens
Current Task: Travel to the Heartspring to investigate the cause of the mysterious blight spreading through the Fens.
NPCs Met: none

Treasure Gained:
Item Qty. Recipient Location Found Notes
Coins none
Before Leaving
Belt Pouch x1 Kit Wayshepherd’s Sentry Thanks to Lanna at her best
In the Fens
Alchemist’s fire x2 Rayne? Assassin Vine
+1 Greatsword x1 Piruk Lunatic Fighter
mwk shortbow x1 ?? Lunatic Fighter
Armor Crystal of Rubicund Frenzy, Least x1 Piruk Lunatic Fighter
amulet (unidentified) x1 Rayne Lunatic Magic User
Dagger, silver x1 ?? Lunatic Magic User
Scroll, Identify x1 Rayne Lunatic Magic User
Scroll, Invisibility x1 Rayne Lunatic Magic User CL2
Mithril Chain Shirt x1 Kit Lunatic Rogue
+1 shortsword x1 Kit Lunatic Rogue
shortsword x1 not taken Lunatic Rogue
Acrobat Boots 1 pair Santiago Lunatic Rogue +2 to tumble, increase speed (3 charges/day)

It has been a week since the party returned to the village of Fenwatch having rescued several of the town’s children from the horrors of enslavement by a hag and her grey jester companion. Since returning, Our heroes have managed to restore some semblance of life into the rescued younglings. They are once again able to act independently and have begun exhibiting emotional responses. However, it is clear that their injury, like the injury to the surrounding land is still very much present.

Eleanor has been spending her days deep in study, seeking new information on the evil that is infusing itself into the countryside. After poring over ancient texts on morality, religion and its struggles with the manifestation of evil, she has uncovered some information on what may be causing the mysterious sickness in the land and how to better resist or even treat the illness.

Kit has been spending her days pestering and bribing Content Not Found: Ipswitch-npc to help her better understand the workings of her spider-bot. He has revealed that the maintenance logs found along with the spider bot revealed that, while the construct excelled at retrieving metallic objects such as bits of armor or jewelry washed up in the water vats, it did not fare so well when asked to deal with less shiny objects. The bot has no real concept of value and is easily distracted. He suspects its animating spirit may have been derived from some sort of retarded pixie.

Rayne has taken to looking after the children.

Content Not Found: pyke-npc has taken over management of Fenwatch. His men have converted the Wayshepherd’s guild into their base of operations. Access to the building is now restricted to those with an appointment to discuss a specific matter with the Sergeant. The town now exists in a state of martial law. Pyke’s men make regular patrols of the town perimeter and temporary barricades have been set up around the core of the village. Controlled access points have been established on the major streets while building gaps and alleys have been barricaded with the detritus left over from the town’s ravaging.

Pyke’s fortifications are clearly temporary, as Ipswitch has begun laying out markers and digging foundation points for what will eventually become a perimeter fence encircling the town.

While the townsfolk occasionally grumble about Pyke’s blunt and authoritarian methods, they seem comforted to once again have a sense of security creeping back into their lives.

Ba’art does not seem as grateful for the security afforded by the new military presence. During the day, he busies himself assisting the townsfolk as they recover the town, one building at a time. However, at night, he often sits quietly, alone or with his former deputies looking quite sullen over a pot of ale from one of the kegs Content Not Found: gunhilda-npc managed to salvage.

It is the day before the party’s planned departure back into the Tangled Fen. They sit at a long breakfast table set up in the main hall of the Pelorian Temple. The morning sun streams in through the great rose window high on the east wall casting an intricate mosaic of refracted color across the room.

Session 24: Recap
The party sets out into the Fens heading Northeast toward the rumored location of the Heartspring. The trees quickly close in about them as Daethin leads the way through the underbrush. Going is slow, as there is no discernible trail in this part of the Fens, but Daethin is confident of their heading.

Around midday, there is a sudden commotion from the back of the group. The party turns to see Piruk fending off a large vine that is flailing and attempting to wrap itself around the resisting dwarf. Daethin recognizes the assailant as an assassin vine, which likely intends to dine on dwarf.

The party quickly comes to Piruk’s aid. After Rayne lobs a couple vials of alchemists fire to little effect, Eleanor manages to severely injure the plant creature with a well-placed dispersal of defoliator, which also kills all of the undergrowth within a 5 foot radius.

Piruk then gains the upper hand, smashing the injured vine to a pulp with his maul.

The episode leaves the party on their guard for similar dangers and leaves Lanna feeling a bit queasy at Eleanor’s use of alchemical toxins on the local environment.

Our heroes find themselves deep in the Tangled Fens nearly a full day’s march from Fenwatch. They have just stumbled across a clearing that used to be some sort of encampment. Unfortunately, upon arrival, the only living residents were three blood-soaked lunatics standing among the mangled corpses of the camp’s former residents. After Kit accidentally fell into a pit trap rigged along the entry path, you were promptly attacked by the raving trio and forced to end their lunacy.