The Westerlands

Session 27: Tree Maze


Tree Maze

A labyrinth of trees deep in the Tangled Fens

Current Task:
Travel to the Heartspring to investigate the cause of the mysterious blight spreading through the Fens.

NPCs Met:

Treasure Gained:
  • Masterwork Elven-craft longbow x1
  • Arrows (appear made from braided vines) x10

Santiago has just come to the rescue of the injured Rayne. The party is locked in battle with an unnaturally altered dire wolf, which Santiago has just managed to knock cross-eyed with a ferocious punch to his mutant-poochy face. Kit quickly takes advantage of the beast’s stupor, slashing open its belly before thrusting her shortsword up through its throat.

Out of immediate danger for the time being, the group searches the room (Map Marker 2). They uncover the remains of several of the wolf’s previous meals, including a horned skull, which Daethin identifies as having come from a satyr.

As the party moves deeper into the labyrinth, Kit sweeps ahead for traps. She discovers a switch buried among a tangle of vines and closer inspection identifies it as a trap bypass switch. With the unsprung danger behind them, the group moves forward until they spot an intriguing patch of disturbed soil.

Overcome with curiosity, Lanna decides to prod at the soil using Daethin’s 10-foot pole. Suddenly, a swarm of centipedes comes boiling out of the soft earth, swarming up the pole to cover Lanna. The party choses to quickly retrace their steps in hopes of putting some distance between themselves and the swarming bugs.

As they round a corner, there is a sudden rushing and creaking in the surrounding trees. They run on, and suddenly find their path once again blocked by a writhing mass of centipedes.

Eleanor elects to use her patented centipede-smashing shield bash, which she had previously used to great effect in the Riverbend Ruins. The rest of the party struggles to find a way past the bugs until Kit has a sudden realization. Running back the way they came, Kit, followed closely by Daethin, discovers that the sudden creaking in the trees was caused by the walls of the labyrinth moving and that the dead end where they found the swarm has now opened to the passage beyond.

The group finally manages to defeat the centipedes through much shield-bashing and dousing of centipede and adventurer-alike in alchemist’s fire and insectbane. With the poisonous mass behind them, the group resumes their exploration.

Further on, Kit pokes her head around a corner only to find herself staring at a charging, ghoulish satyr. She quickly flinches back out of the way of the satyr’s charge and it careens into the wall just beyond her.(map marker 3)

Several members of the party overrun the satyr and push into the room beyond. There, they find a second ghoulish fey. They make quick work of the horned undead and search the room, discovering a fine elven-craft bow and a quiver with 10 arrows that look as though they were made from braided vines.

As they are finishing their search, Lanna feels suddenly drawn towards the exit at the far side of the room. She wanders around the corner and up a flight of earthen stairs into the light beyond…

The party finds themselves standing in a large clearing encircled by an impenetrable wall of trees. A large pond fills the center of the clearing fed by water gushing from two massive stone heads carved in the likeness of Obad Hai, the Great Shalm. The surrounding trees all have leaves of deep red and in the center of the pond, on a small spit of land, stands an altar backed by a lone tree with equally red leaves. The altar is covered in a tangled mass of vines, out of which protrudes a single spiral horn…