The Westerlands

Session 28: The Heartspring

Don't you hurt my dog!

The Heartspring deep in the Tangled Fens

Current Task:
Investigate the cause of the mysterious blight spreading through the Fens.

NPCs Met:

The Heartspring
Treasure Gained:
Item Qty. Recipient Location Found Notes
Coins n/a
Rod of Frost x1 Rayne Corpse
Earthsilk Jersey x1 Daethin Corpse
Horn of Fog x1 Kit Base of a Tree Specifics not Identified
Arrows, (mod. evoc) x10 Daethin Corpse Unidentified
Unidentified x2 Eleanor Corpse Unidentified
Unidentified x1 Eleanor Corpse Unidentified

After several days of slogging their way through the Tangled Fens, the party finally reached the Heartspring. As they emerged from the maze of trees, which controls access to the spring, the first thing they noticed was a massive stone altar, covered in a twisted mass of vines, out of which protruded a single, spiral horn.

Proceeding cautiously, Lanna crept across the stepping stones to the altar. As she was about to investigate more closely, the treant guardian of the spring suddenly awakened and bellowed at them to leave. After attempts to reason with the treant made it apparent that it had become corrupted by the Blight, the party had no choice but to battle the enraged guardian for their lives.

Don't you hurt my dog!


Lanna took significant damage to both her sword and her person as she struggled to beat back the assault. Rayne had better luck as she hurled several fireballs into the treant’s upper branches, while Piruk, aided by Eleanor’s Enlarge Person spell, waded into the tainted spring to reinforce the beleaguered Lanna.

At last, it seemed that our heroes had gotten the upper hand in the situation. Then, just as the treant seemed about to collapse in defeat, its bark began to groan and split. Suddenly, the entire tree exploded, pelting everyone nearby with flying splinters. Out of the shattered stump left behind, rose a horrific being of elemental evil.

Lanna, near death from her battle with the treant withdrew back across the stepping stones to seek healing while Piruk took the fight to the taint elemental and Rayne proceeded to launch jars of the mysterious liquid the party had found in the ruins beneath Riverbend.

Just as Lanna was about to reach the relative safety of the far shore, the elemental dispersed itself into the atmosphere, reforming next to the injured paladin. Thinking quickly, the nearby Santiago took up a jar of the purifier and hurled it into the center of the horror, destroying it just as it was about to finish off his 1/2 elf companion.

With the immediate threat vanquished, the party once again turned their attention to the altar at the center of the spring. Kit used her dagger to make quick work of the tangled vines that covered the altar. As they fell away, they revealed an injured unicorn trapped beneath.

After Lanna revived the creature by laying on hands, he found the strength to stand, and to speak. The unicorn introduced himself as Ceffyl. He had traveled to the Fens to investigate rumors of the Blight, but had been lured in and captured by the already-corrupted guardians of the spring.

Ceffyl thanked the party for rescuing him and, seeing a common cause and kindred spirit in the person of Lanna. He agreed to serve the paladin as her mount. Then, he touched his horn to the Heartspring’s altar, activating a spell, which closed the mouths of the mighty gargoyles, which were spewing tainted water into the spring. The unicorn informed the party that such an act was only a temporary solution, for with the flow of water cut off, the Fens would eventually wither and die.

With the area now relatively secure, the group made a search for items of interest and made plans to send word back to town before continuing further into the mountains the next morning.