The Westerlands

Session 31: Rescuing Kit

Hey you. Get your damn hands off her!

An Ogre Outpost in The Cloud Peaks

Current Task:
Rescue Kit!
Travel to Cydon to seek the source of the Blight

NPCs Met:
Wigston Muxloe

Treasure Gained: Update: Adjusted to reflect the items identified in Session 32
Item Qty. Recipient Location Found Notes
Coins 3140g 400s even split (448g 57s each) (4g 1s leftover)
mwk longsword x3 Bag of Hold Hobgoblins
mwk heavy flail x1 Bag of Hold Hobgoblin Slaver
mwk greatclub (lg) x1 Bag of Hold Ogre Barbarian
mwk javelin x6 ??? Hobgoblins
mwk chainmail x1 Bag of Hold Hobgoblin Lieutenant
mwk breastplate x1 Bag of Hold Hobgoblin Slaver
mwk light shield, wood x1 Bag of Hold Hobgoblin Lieutenant
mwk chainmail (lg) x1 Bag of Hold Ogre Barbarian
Helm of Battle x1 Santiago Ogre Barbarian
mwk heavy shield, darkwood x1 ??? crates
Goods and Items
Bag of dust x1 ??? Hobgoblin Lieutenant
Jumping Caltrops x1 ??? Hobgoblin Lieutenant in exotic hide pouch
torc, silver-plated copper x1 ??? Hobgoblin Lieutenant
hat, boarskin x1 Eleanor Hobgoblin Lieutenant
dice, granite x1 pair Kit Hobgoblin 6-sided
mug, brass x1 Kit crates
Stone, green x1 Destroyed by Eleanor Ogre aura (faint necro.)
Potion, cure light x2 Daethin Hobgoblin Slaver
Potion, ??? x1 Rayne crates unidentified
Potion, ??? x1 ??? Hobgoblin Lieutenant unidentified
Scroll, Bull’s Strength x1 Rayne crates arcane
Scroll, Bear’s Endurance x1 Eleanor crates divine
Scroll, Snake’s Swiftness, Mass x1 Eleanor crates divine
Scroll, Remove Disease x1 Eleanor crates divine


Well, Kit had certainly done it this time… After being tackled from behind, she is dragged through the double doors at the end of the hallway she was investigating. When the stars clear from in front of her eyes, she finds herself in a large room with several hobgoblins in the midst of taking up defensive positions facing the door through which she has just been brought. Her weapons and gear are roughly pulled from her person and unceremoniously tossed onto a pile of crates along one wall. Her captors seem in a hurry to establish a defensive position.

The main feature in the room is a pair of large shafts in the floor along one wall. One is empty and too deep to see the bottom, at least in passing. A large chain descends into the center of the open shaft. It is pulled taught as though it is either anchored to the bottom or has a large object suspended from the end of it. The other end of the chain rises out of the pit and disappears through a hole in the ceiling. The other shaft also has a chain coming out of the ceiling above it, but this chain splits in four just below the ceiling and anchors into four corners of a platform that hangs suspended in the shaft.

Besides the hobgoblins, there are four other “people” in the room. Two are ogres. One stands beside a lever embedded into the floor between the two shafts. The other, who is larger,and who is wearing an ornate helmet is staring intently at a human slave standing by some sort of panel that is set into a door on the far side of the room. As the hobgoblins bring Kit in, there is a sudden flash, a sizzle of electricity and the slave by the far door falls unmoving where he stood.

The ogre in the helmet lets out a roar, and pounds his fist on the floor in rage, cracking some of the flagstones. While the ogre is shouting, he repeats the words Snuhk’Glohr several times amidst his bellowing in whatever language ogres speak.

The last person in the room is another slave. He appears to be Gnomish. He has been gagged and one of the hobgoblins is standing guard next to him over by one of the pits.

Hey you... Get your damn hands off her!

When Daethin discovers Kit’s discarded sunrod in the middle of the hall upon investigating the commotion downstairs, he immediately dashes back outside to enlist the help of the others. Rayne looks up from tending to the recently freed slaves as Lanna instructs Ceffyl to watch over them. The party then rushes into the tower and down to the lower hallway to prepare their assault.

Piruk kicks open the big double doors to reveal a group of hobgoblins staring intently at him from behind the cover of crates. The apparent leader, distinguished by the officer’s torc around his neck and his particularly nasty demeanor has Kit by one arm and is holding his longsword at her throat.

“If you want your friend to live, drop your weapons and leave this place!” bellows the head of the slavers.

Piruk rebuffs the offer, sizing up his chances. The hobgoblins and the adventurers stare each other down through the open doorway.

Then Rayne, not one for political niceties, decides to relieve the tension of the standoff by firing a barrage of magic missiles at the hobgoblin holding on her roguish friend. The bolts fly unerringly into the slaver who is left charred by the arcane blast.

Suddenly, everything is in motion. Piruk, Lanna and Eleanor charge forward into the room as the hobgoblins behind the crates hurl javelins and tanglefoot bags at the charging party. Piruk reaches the stack of crates and immediately puts an end to one of the slavers while Kit uses the opportunity to jerk free from their leader who is holding her captive.

Lanna takes a direct hit from a tanglefoot bag and finds herself rooted to the floor by strands of sticky adhesive.

Eleanor, thinking quickly, casts Enlarge Person on the unarmed Kit. As the thief suddenly doubles in size, one of the hobgoblins is forced to dive over the crates to avoid being trampled underfoot. Unfortunately, his attempt to escape brings him directly into the path of Piruk’s maul, and another slaver is no more.

The helmeted ogre, suddenly seeing an opponent to match him in size lashes out at the enlarged Kit with his greatclub. The thief is sent reeling, but quickly recovers, grabbing the longsword off the slaver who failed to escape over the crates. Turning to face the ogre once again, Kit is startled when the brute suddenly bellows Snuhk’GLOR! and bowls past her.

Rayne, who has moved into the room and is battling one of the slavers who had set up to the side of the entrance turns to see a strange creature that has just appeared behind her. The gummy mouth in the middle of its torso opens as a pair of slender hands dart out and snatch the recently acquired white rod from Rayne’s belt.

The strange creature then turns, and seeing the enraged ogre bearing down on it, vanishes as suddenly as it appeared. When the creature vanishes, the ogre bellows in rage and once again shouts, Snuhk’GLOR!

Eventually, the part begins to gain the upper hand, slaying several of the hobgoblin slavers and then each of the ogres in turn. The remaining hobgoblins, finding themselves suddenly outnumbered, make a break for the door. One of the slavers throws the great lever in the floor, and the platform on which the bound gnome is lying begins to descend into the floor. Meanwhile, a similar platform rises from the other shaft, opening a way for the hobgoblin to flee the scene. The lead slaver is cut down before he can reach the exit, but two of his companions gain the outer hallway and then the stair to the surface.

Lanna, hoping to cut off their escape reaches out to Ceffyl through her empathic bond. She sends a sense of warning, impending danger and rage. Soon, a surge of adrenaline followed by a sense of vengeful satisfaction flows back to her through the link and she knows that one of the fleeing slavers will not escape. Unfortunately, the other manages to slip past the unicorn’s slashing horn, fleeing into the wilderness.

With the flight of the remaining hobgoblin, our heroes pause to assess their situation. A muffled plea from the depths of the elevator shaft prompts Piruk to once again pull the lever. After a moment of grinding chains, the platforms once again trade places and the bound gnome ascends back out of the shaft.

While some of the party see to the gnomish prisoners bonds, others begin constructing a makeshift barricade from the pile of crates, for they need to rest soon, but do not know what other threats might emerge from the shafts in the floor or through the locked door on the far side of the room. Meanwhile, curious about the door which seemed to be the focus of the helmeted ogre’s attention, Eleanor examines the far door more closely.

The door features what appears to be a curious sort of latch. A 5×5 grid with 4 raised squares and a brass knob projecting from one of the corner squares. The squares immediately adjacent to the knob emit an electric blue glow.

Door puzzle
The puzzling latch

When Eleanor gingerly pulls on the brass knob, it suddenly slides through one of the blue squares, and does not stop until it hits the edge of the plate. Each square it passes through raises up behind it making its return impossible. When it comes to rest, the vacant squares next to the knob once again light up with a blue glow. Eleanor continues to move the knob around the plate and it continues to slide until stopped by the edge, or a raised square. This continues until the knob becomes penned in by raised squares, yet some remain vacant… Suddenly, there is a crackle and an arc of electricity shoots violently out towards Eleanor who just manages to dodge aside.

Deciding that it may be best to work this one out on parchment before making any further attempts, Eleanor leaves the door for the time-being and returns upstairs to look after the recently freed slaves.