The Westerlands

Session 34: I Fought the Law

...and I done won!

Our heroes are in up to their necks. They have been brought in for questioning after Kit’s spider-bot disrupted a perfectly pleasant evening at the Lion’s Paw by trying to steal a jewel from one of the well to-do patrons.


The party is escorted from the Lion’s Paw Inn by a squad of city watch, along with the Cydonic soldiers who saw the incident with the spider-bot in the Lion’s Paw common room. They lead them to the squat, stone building next door that the party first saw when they checked in at the inn. The banners of Cydon and Talynbourg hang from wrought iron posts above the main entrance.

Inside, the group finds themselves in the town watch’s ready room. There is a table with half eaten meals sitting on it. Several chairs have been pushed back in a haphazard fashion.

They are lead up to a counter and asked to remove any weapons, belt pouches or other non-clothing items from their person and to place them on the counter. The guards then perform pat-down searches to make sure nobody is concealing anything else on them.

Our heroes are then lead one by one into an adjacent room while the others wait outside. The room is bare, with thick, stone walls and furnished only with a table and two chairs.

The man who appears to be in charge of the Cydonic soldiers who were eating at the inn beckons each interrogant to sit. He introduces himself as Colonel Dekelor. Once the accused is seated, he begins the questioning.

Order of Interrogation

  1. Kit Results
  2. Eleanor Results
  3. Rua’Lanna Results
  4. Rayne Results
  5. Daethin Results
  6. Wigston
  7. Piruk Results
  8. Santiago

As each person finishes, they are escorted from the room, back through the ready room and down to the building’s holding cells.

The Verdict

Our heroes are escorted downstairs to the building’s holding cells to await Dekelor’s decision. When he finishes with the interrogations, he comes down to inform the party of their fate. Because Mistress Thryn has had her jewel returned, and because the party agreed to pay the damages incurred to the Lion’s Paw common room, they are not under arrest. However, because they are in the country without proper paperwork, and because they have disturbed the peace once already, with a high potential of doing so again, Dekelor has decided that they will be escorted to the border town of Westgate, where they will be handed over to the watch for deportation back to Turimor. Once they are out of Cydon, the group’s gear… minus the items deemed contraband within Cydon or used in the commission of the previous evening’s disturbance, will be returned to them.

They will depart with Dekelor’s platoon in the morning. Until that time, the party will be guests of the Talynbourg watch, and will remain in their holding cells.

Resisting Arrest, (after the fact…)

Recap in the works… for now, enjoy pictures of the aftermath

Talynbourg Garrison 3
Lower Level (Holding Cells)
Talynbourg Garrison 2
Upper Level (Evidence Room)
Talynbourg Garrison 1
Upper Level (Ready Room)