The Westerlands

Session 9: The Road to Riverbend

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Where we left off…

Our heroes have successfully defeated the bandits who were plaguing the trade road between Stillford and Riverbend. In doing so, they also rescued the missing members of the Bridgefort garrison and have retrieved an interesting box of gears addressed to one, Ipswitch Cogsworth in Riverbend.


The party sets out with their new member, Daethin Moonshadow leading the way, his keen ranger eyes scouring the horizon for danger. Each member of the group takes up their usual flanking positions around Hof’s wagon. As they travel, the land changes gradually from the rugged canyon lands around the fort to tilled farmlands of gentler contours.

As the party makes their way past fields planted with spring crops, the ground beneath them suddenly begins to shake. Looking about they do not see the cause of the tremors until it bursts up from the soil beneath their feet. A pair of young ankhegs blast up out of the ground, hoping for an easy meal. Unfortunately, the giant insects picked the wrong prey. Unlike wandering cattle, our heroes are equipped to fight back. After a brief skirmish with the ankhegs and a couple minor burns from their acidic saliva, the group is once again on its way.

Soon, the great Aeluhar River appears in the distance, unwinding like a great blue ribbon, and the path ahead leads straight towards a city on its banks, dominated by the massive towers flanking Riverbend’s locks. The city is a noisy boomtown, overgrowing its borders. Achelus Azuri, the Waykeeper of Riverbend has ordered a number of public works projects designed to improve access to the city. The party enters the town by the bridge below the locks and looks to the east, where a matching span is under construction on the locks upper end.

As Hof pulls into the docks district, the party meets briefly with the permitting office to square away the hand off of Rhys’ goods. The clerk at the office informs them that they were expected some time ago, and that the river captain who has been awaiting their arrival has grown quite impatient. After arranging temporary storage for the cargo, the group heads to the docks, where they meet a man who looks remarkably like Rhys, but thinner and with a much more neatly kept beard. He introduces himself as Rhys’ brother, the captain of the vessel which will take the goods down river. Having successfully completed their escort mission, he pays the party, and they head into town to find an inn.

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