The Westerlands

Session 24: Crazy Camp!
Dinner and a Floor Show!

Location: Fenwatch to the Tangled Fens
Current Task: Travel to the Heartspring to investigate the cause of the mysterious blight spreading through the Fens.
NPCs Met: none

Treasure Gained:
Item Qty. Recipient Location Found Notes
Coins none
Before Leaving
Belt Pouch x1 Kit Wayshepherd’s Sentry Thanks to Lanna at her best
In the Fens
Alchemist’s fire x2 Rayne? Assassin Vine
+1 Greatsword x1 Piruk Lunatic Fighter
mwk shortbow x1 ?? Lunatic Fighter
Armor Crystal of Rubicund Frenzy, Least x1 Piruk Lunatic Fighter
amulet (unidentified) x1 Rayne Lunatic Magic User
Dagger, silver x1 ?? Lunatic Magic User
Scroll, Identify x1 Rayne Lunatic Magic User
Scroll, Invisibility x1 Rayne Lunatic Magic User CL2
Mithril Chain Shirt x1 Kit Lunatic Rogue
+1 shortsword x1 Kit Lunatic Rogue
shortsword x1 not taken Lunatic Rogue
Acrobat Boots 1 pair Santiago Lunatic Rogue +2 to tumble, increase speed (3 charges/day)

It has been a week since the party returned to the village of Fenwatch having rescued several of the town’s children from the horrors of enslavement by a hag and her grey jester companion. Since returning, Our heroes have managed to restore some semblance of life into the rescued younglings. They are once again able to act independently and have begun exhibiting emotional responses. However, it is clear that their injury, like the injury to the surrounding land is still very much present.

Eleanor has been spending her days deep in study, seeking new information on the evil that is infusing itself into the countryside. After poring over ancient texts on morality, religion and its struggles with the manifestation of evil, she has uncovered some information on what may be causing the mysterious sickness in the land and how to better resist or even treat the illness.

Kit has been spending her days pestering and bribing Content Not Found: Ipswitch-npc to help her better understand the workings of her spider-bot. He has revealed that the maintenance logs found along with the spider bot revealed that, while the construct excelled at retrieving metallic objects such as bits of armor or jewelry washed up in the water vats, it did not fare so well when asked to deal with less shiny objects. The bot has no real concept of value and is easily distracted. He suspects its animating spirit may have been derived from some sort of retarded pixie.

Rayne has taken to looking after the children.

Content Not Found: pyke-npc has taken over management of Fenwatch. His men have converted the Wayshepherd’s guild into their base of operations. Access to the building is now restricted to those with an appointment to discuss a specific matter with the Sergeant. The town now exists in a state of martial law. Pyke’s men make regular patrols of the town perimeter and temporary barricades have been set up around the core of the village. Controlled access points have been established on the major streets while building gaps and alleys have been barricaded with the detritus left over from the town’s ravaging.

Pyke’s fortifications are clearly temporary, as Ipswitch has begun laying out markers and digging foundation points for what will eventually become a perimeter fence encircling the town.

While the townsfolk occasionally grumble about Pyke’s blunt and authoritarian methods, they seem comforted to once again have a sense of security creeping back into their lives.

Ba’art does not seem as grateful for the security afforded by the new military presence. During the day, he busies himself assisting the townsfolk as they recover the town, one building at a time. However, at night, he often sits quietly, alone or with his former deputies looking quite sullen over a pot of ale from one of the kegs Content Not Found: gunhilda-npc managed to salvage.

It is the day before the party’s planned departure back into the Tangled Fen. They sit at a long breakfast table set up in the main hall of the Pelorian Temple. The morning sun streams in through the great rose window high on the east wall casting an intricate mosaic of refracted color across the room.

Session 24: Recap
The party sets out into the Fens heading Northeast toward the rumored location of the Heartspring. The trees quickly close in about them as Daethin leads the way through the underbrush. Going is slow, as there is no discernible trail in this part of the Fens, but Daethin is confident of their heading.

Around midday, there is a sudden commotion from the back of the group. The party turns to see Piruk fending off a large vine that is flailing and attempting to wrap itself around the resisting dwarf. Daethin recognizes the assailant as an assassin vine, which likely intends to dine on dwarf.

The party quickly comes to Piruk’s aid. After Rayne lobs a couple vials of alchemists fire to little effect, Eleanor manages to severely injure the plant creature with a well-placed dispersal of defoliator, which also kills all of the undergrowth within a 5 foot radius.

Piruk then gains the upper hand, smashing the injured vine to a pulp with his maul.

The episode leaves the party on their guard for similar dangers and leaves Lanna feeling a bit queasy at Eleanor’s use of alchemical toxins on the local environment.

Our heroes find themselves deep in the Tangled Fens nearly a full day’s march from Fenwatch. They have just stumbled across a clearing that used to be some sort of encampment. Unfortunately, upon arrival, the only living residents were three blood-soaked lunatics standing among the mangled corpses of the camp’s former residents. After Kit accidentally fell into a pit trap rigged along the entry path, you were promptly attacked by the raving trio and forced to end their lunacy.

Session 26: Gates of the Forest
Feelin' Gassy?

Location: the Tangled Fens
Current Task: Travel to the Heartspring to investigate the cause of the mysterious blight spreading through the Fens.
NPCs Met: none

Treasure Gained:
Item Qty. Recipient Location Found Notes
Gold x500 divided evenly
Holy Water x5 bag of holding
Poison, Oil of Taggit x3 bag of holding surgery tent None / Unconsciousness DC15 Fort Neg.
Belt x1 bag of holding surgery tent Decorated with 3 moonstones
Candles x2 bag of holding surgery tent Thick and blue. No magic aura detected
Restoration x2 Eleanor surgery tent
Remove Curse x1 Eleanor surgery tent
Remove Disease x1 Eleanor surgery tent
Calm Person x1 Eleanor surgery tent

The party is securing what remains of the refugee camp after clearing it of it’s ghoulish invaders. Eleanor and Lanna set about disposing of the remains of the camp’s original denizens while Piruk, Dathin and Kit check the perimeter and reset the pit traps that Eleanor “uncovered” during their assault.

Santiago returns to the large, central tent, where he discovers a number of potentially useful items scattered about the a grizzly scene. A corpse inside the tent is stretched out on a table, a knife in one hand and his own intestines in the other. This disturbing surgery is what likely resulted in the formation of the allip, which Santiago blundered upon during the party’s initial investigation.

That Evening, Eleanor spends some time studying the journal of Brother Valarin. She uncovers a little more information about the journey of the Cydonic refugees that once inhabited the camp and about the rise of the mysterious blight, which appears to have migrated from their land to this one.

The party spends the night with two people on watch as much as possible. Then, in the morning, after Eleanor disposes of a wayward ghoul that fell in one of the pit traps during the night, they once again set out to the Northeast in search of the Heartspring.

A game trail runs out of the camp in the direction the part wishes to go. They wind their way down from the relative high ground of the camp into the thick of the swamps. Their first day of travel goes by uneventfully and that evening, Daethin locates a copse of trees on an easily secured peninsula of land surrounded by the bog.

On the third day out from Fenwatch, the ground gradually begins to rise once more. The hilltops seem more like forest, while the lowlands are marshy as ever. As the party begins descending one of the many hills, Kit and Daethin suddenly stop in alarm. The air around the party has gone dead and is entirely without oxygen.

The group quickly hustles back uphill to a spot where the air is breathable. There, they spend some time deliberating how to get past the deadspace. Kit ventures a short way down the hill and notices the bones of several of the gas pocket’s victims lying beneath some particularly vibrant looking plants.

Rayne sends Belfry flitting across the cloud in order to determine its size and whether it might be crossed. The length of his flight indicates that it would take almost all the party’s breath to cross the deadspace, leaving little room for stalling, should they be waylaid within the cloud.

After much discussion and argument, the group decides to just go around the gas pocket, and sets of hacking their way through the underbrush.

As they are forging ahead, piruk suddenly notices something familiar occuring up ahead. His shouted warning is too late though, and Daethin suddenly finds himself firmly in the grasp of an enormous assassin vine. The group struggles to free Daethin from strangulation by the monstrous plant. Finally, after plowing into the underbrush, Piruk manages to beat back the vegetative threat, spurred on by the memory of his own near miss at becoming plant food two days before.

Once freed from the constricting vine, Daethin’s wounds are tended to and the party sets off, completing the rest of their detour unmolested.

The ground continues to rise and the thick, still air of the swamp gives way to the sound of running water. As the party climbs over a rise, they see a massive, tree-topped hill rising from the forest ahead of them. Numerous streams of water spill down the hillside to the forest floor below. On top of the hill, massive trees stand close together forming veritable walls of living wood.

The party proceeds cautiously up the hillside with Daethin and Kit scouting ahead, ever wary of potential danger. Upon reaching the top, they find themselves gazing down a massive, tree-lined corridor, which winds away into green shadows.

The group continues into the cover of the trees. Soon, the only sound to be heard is the babbling of numerous streams flowing unseen beyond the walls of tree trunks. The light beneath the trees is filtered by the leaves and tinted with the rich, verdant hue.

Rounding a bend in the path, Kit and Daethin suddenly draw up short. They have stepped into a massive, shaded clearing dominated by a still pond covered in lily pads. Several streams pour into and out of the clearing from beneath the tree roots. On the far side of the pond, two massive trees support a thick curtain of tangled vines, giving the impression of a massive castle gate. A pedestal on the near shore of the pond emits a brilliant blue glow.

After recovering her composure, Kit moves slowly up to the pedestal, checking for danger. She sees that the glow surrounds a row of three stone bluebirds facing a row of three stone frogs. An empty divit between them in the stone appears to be the source of the light.

As the rest of the party gathers around the pedestal, they determine that this must be the key to entering the Heartspring. Eleanor reaches out and attempts to move one of the bluebirds, only to discover that it is an illusion.

The group then begins to experiment with various solutions to this puzzle. They discover that the frogs can be moved to the blank space, but not to a space with a bird. Nor can they be taken away from the pedestal.

At last, Piruk notices something that might be of use. He spots a similar blue glow emanating from halfway up one of the massive trees on the far side of the pond. He surmises that the far glow likely contains the actual bluebirds to be manipulated.

Rayne once again sends Belfry to investigate. After he confirms that the far glow emanates from the other half of the puzzle, Rayne makes use of a Fly scroll she has in her case to quickly and easily ascend to the out of reach controls.

Working together, Rayne in the tree and the rest of the party on shore, hop the birds and frogs over each other until they have all reached the opposite sides of their track. As the last statue is dropped in place, the waters of the pond begin to bubble and churn. A series of massive stone blocks rises from beneath the surface as the massive curtain of vines parts to reveal a tree-lined hall beyond.

Session 27: Tree Maze
Tree Maze

A labyrinth of trees deep in the Tangled Fens

Current Task:
Travel to the Heartspring to investigate the cause of the mysterious blight spreading through the Fens.

NPCs Met:

Treasure Gained:
  • Masterwork Elven-craft longbow x1
  • Arrows (appear made from braided vines) x10

Santiago has just come to the rescue of the injured Rayne. The party is locked in battle with an unnaturally altered dire wolf, which Santiago has just managed to knock cross-eyed with a ferocious punch to his mutant-poochy face. Kit quickly takes advantage of the beast’s stupor, slashing open its belly before thrusting her shortsword up through its throat.

Out of immediate danger for the time being, the group searches the room (Map Marker 2). They uncover the remains of several of the wolf’s previous meals, including a horned skull, which Daethin identifies as having come from a satyr.

As the party moves deeper into the labyrinth, Kit sweeps ahead for traps. She discovers a switch buried among a tangle of vines and closer inspection identifies it as a trap bypass switch. With the unsprung danger behind them, the group moves forward until they spot an intriguing patch of disturbed soil.

Overcome with curiosity, Lanna decides to prod at the soil using Daethin’s 10-foot pole. Suddenly, a swarm of centipedes comes boiling out of the soft earth, swarming up the pole to cover Lanna. The party choses to quickly retrace their steps in hopes of putting some distance between themselves and the swarming bugs.

As they round a corner, there is a sudden rushing and creaking in the surrounding trees. They run on, and suddenly find their path once again blocked by a writhing mass of centipedes.

Eleanor elects to use her patented centipede-smashing shield bash, which she had previously used to great effect in the Riverbend Ruins. The rest of the party struggles to find a way past the bugs until Kit has a sudden realization. Running back the way they came, Kit, followed closely by Daethin, discovers that the sudden creaking in the trees was caused by the walls of the labyrinth moving and that the dead end where they found the swarm has now opened to the passage beyond.

The group finally manages to defeat the centipedes through much shield-bashing and dousing of centipede and adventurer-alike in alchemist’s fire and insectbane. With the poisonous mass behind them, the group resumes their exploration.

Further on, Kit pokes her head around a corner only to find herself staring at a charging, ghoulish satyr. She quickly flinches back out of the way of the satyr’s charge and it careens into the wall just beyond her.(map marker 3)

Several members of the party overrun the satyr and push into the room beyond. There, they find a second ghoulish fey. They make quick work of the horned undead and search the room, discovering a fine elven-craft bow and a quiver with 10 arrows that look as though they were made from braided vines.

As they are finishing their search, Lanna feels suddenly drawn towards the exit at the far side of the room. She wanders around the corner and up a flight of earthen stairs into the light beyond…

The party finds themselves standing in a large clearing encircled by an impenetrable wall of trees. A large pond fills the center of the clearing fed by water gushing from two massive stone heads carved in the likeness of Obad Hai, the Great Shalm. The surrounding trees all have leaves of deep red and in the center of the pond, on a small spit of land, stands an altar backed by a lone tree with equally red leaves. The altar is covered in a tangled mass of vines, out of which protrudes a single spiral horn…

Session 28: The Heartspring
Don't you hurt my dog!

The Heartspring deep in the Tangled Fens

Current Task:
Investigate the cause of the mysterious blight spreading through the Fens.

NPCs Met:

The Heartspring
Treasure Gained:
Item Qty. Recipient Location Found Notes
Coins n/a
Rod of Frost x1 Rayne Corpse
Earthsilk Jersey x1 Daethin Corpse
Horn of Fog x1 Kit Base of a Tree Specifics not Identified
Arrows, (mod. evoc) x10 Daethin Corpse Unidentified
Unidentified x2 Eleanor Corpse Unidentified
Unidentified x1 Eleanor Corpse Unidentified

After several days of slogging their way through the Tangled Fens, the party finally reached the Heartspring. As they emerged from the maze of trees, which controls access to the spring, the first thing they noticed was a massive stone altar, covered in a twisted mass of vines, out of which protruded a single, spiral horn.

Proceeding cautiously, Lanna crept across the stepping stones to the altar. As she was about to investigate more closely, the treant guardian of the spring suddenly awakened and bellowed at them to leave. After attempts to reason with the treant made it apparent that it had become corrupted by the Blight, the party had no choice but to battle the enraged guardian for their lives.

Don't you hurt my dog!


Lanna took significant damage to both her sword and her person as she struggled to beat back the assault. Rayne had better luck as she hurled several fireballs into the treant’s upper branches, while Piruk, aided by Eleanor’s Enlarge Person spell, waded into the tainted spring to reinforce the beleaguered Lanna.

At last, it seemed that our heroes had gotten the upper hand in the situation. Then, just as the treant seemed about to collapse in defeat, its bark began to groan and split. Suddenly, the entire tree exploded, pelting everyone nearby with flying splinters. Out of the shattered stump left behind, rose a horrific being of elemental evil.

Lanna, near death from her battle with the treant withdrew back across the stepping stones to seek healing while Piruk took the fight to the taint elemental and Rayne proceeded to launch jars of the mysterious liquid the party had found in the ruins beneath Riverbend.

Just as Lanna was about to reach the relative safety of the far shore, the elemental dispersed itself into the atmosphere, reforming next to the injured paladin. Thinking quickly, the nearby Santiago took up a jar of the purifier and hurled it into the center of the horror, destroying it just as it was about to finish off his 1/2 elf companion.

With the immediate threat vanquished, the party once again turned their attention to the altar at the center of the spring. Kit used her dagger to make quick work of the tangled vines that covered the altar. As they fell away, they revealed an injured unicorn trapped beneath.

After Lanna revived the creature by laying on hands, he found the strength to stand, and to speak. The unicorn introduced himself as Ceffyl. He had traveled to the Fens to investigate rumors of the Blight, but had been lured in and captured by the already-corrupted guardians of the spring.

Ceffyl thanked the party for rescuing him and, seeing a common cause and kindred spirit in the person of Lanna. He agreed to serve the paladin as her mount. Then, he touched his horn to the Heartspring’s altar, activating a spell, which closed the mouths of the mighty gargoyles, which were spewing tainted water into the spring. The unicorn informed the party that such an act was only a temporary solution, for with the flow of water cut off, the Fens would eventually wither and die.

With the area now relatively secure, the group made a search for items of interest and made plans to send word back to town before continuing further into the mountains the next morning.

Session 30: Emancipation
Have you seen my sneak-buddy?

The Cloud Peaks

Current Task:
Travel to Cydon to seek the source of the Blight

NPCs Met:

Treasure Gained:
Item Qty. Recipient Location Found Notes
Coins n/a
mwk longsword x2 Bag of Holding Hobgoblin Outriders
mwk studded leather x2 Bag of Holding Hobgoblin Outriders bears a red whip over a wolf’s head
mwk javelin x6 Santiago x3 & Bag of Holding x3 Hobgoblin Outriders
Potions x3 Bag of Holding Hobgoblin Outriders Unidentified
Dire Wolf x1 Daethin Hobgoblin Outriders studded leather barding & military saddle
It is 3am high in the Cloud Peaks The party has just defeated a pair of Hobgoblins mounted on dire wolves. Daethin stands, holding the reins of one of the wolves as he speaks soothingly to it through the use of a Speak with Animals spell. The once hostile mount has calmed under Daethin’s expert touch and soon becomes willing to allow Daethin to lead it, if still a bit wary of the overall situation.

Daethin asks the wolf its name, and it responds to him with a thought of sounds in goblinoid.

When the Elf attempts to speak the name aloud, Piruk chimes up… “Crook-tooth. or that’s what it sounds like.” is that it’s name?

“I suppose so.” Daethin responds.

Hobgoblins are into whips and leather...
Hobgoblin Slavers

The group searches the corpses of the two Hobgoblins. The pair appear to have been scouts. They are carrying longswords and javelins and are armored, like the dire wolf, in studded leather armor. The armor on each of the corpses bears a sigil of a crimson whip cracking above the head of a snarling wolf.

Kit bends down to examine what the Hobgoblins had been poking at when the group stumbled upon them. Lying face-down among the coarse mountain tussock-grass is the body of a human woman. She is dressed in simple clothing which is soiled and tattered as by a very rough journey. She is barefoot and the soles of her feet are calloused and bloody. Further examination reveals that her dress has many vertical slashes down the back, which cut through to her skin. There is also a ring of raw skin around her neck.

“Slavers.” Daethin remarks. He begins to search for the back trail of the two riders and their quarry. It is not difficult to locate as neither party seemed particularly interested in covering their tracks.

After Eleanor says a prayer over the body of the woman, the group sets out following the track of the woman to its source.

While travelling, Crook-tooth appears to have warmed to Ceffyl and to have accepted him as an alpha figure. Daethin and Kit scout ahead along with Belfry keeping their eyes peeled for any sign of danger.

The trail begins to descend from the high, alpine meadows, hugging the side of the mountains as it winds its way along the edge of a vast, mountain valley. A tall cliff rises to the right side of the road and plummets in a sheer drop to the left. Stunted evergreens cling tenaciously to the cliff-side. And occasionally jut up through cracks in the ancient roadway.

After approximately two hours travel, Kit and Daethin come across a tall post jammed into a pile of rocks. A bleached ram’s skull adorns the top of the stake, which has a crosspiece inserted through the eye-sockets. A crude banner made of some sort of animal hide hangs from the cross-piece. It bears a crudely drawn image that seems intended to depict a badger, or maybe a bear on fire. When the rest of the group catches up to the scouts, Piruk determines that it looks like the sort of battle standard used by many of the monstrous humanoid races to mark their territory.

As the group travels on, they continue to see similar sign-posts. Some are just skulls on sticks and some display the weird, flaming critter sigil.

It is now getting close to 5am and a mist has begun to rise from the mountain vale. The group proceeds in the gloom of the pre-dawn light. Soon, Belfry lets out a soft squeak and Kit and Daethin pause to see what the bat has noticed.

Ahead of them, looming in the murky gloom, the pair can see the squatting shape of some sort of complex. A dark bar of a wall cuts across the path and a couple of shapes that must be buildings rise up beyond it.

After reporting back to the group, Rayne decides to send Belfry ahead to investigate the compound. As he flies over, he recognizes two buildings beyond the wall and a large, towering structure at the edge of a crevasse beyond them. He spots what appears to be a large humanoid on top of one of the buildings, a few others gathered around a campfire and a wagon hitched to two aurochs stopped on the path.

After some discussion, the group decides to move in for a closer look. Daethin and Kit creep up to the wall, where they spy what appears to be two hobgoblins sitting beside a dying campfire. Beyond the faint ruddy glow, they see a third, larger figure looming in the shadows. Between themselves and the sentries huddles a mass of slaves, lying piled on top of one another in an effort to keep warm in the chill mountain air. In the middle of the path stands a wagon with a large iron cage in the back.

Rayne arrives at the wall just as Daethin and Kit make their move. Kit creeps through the shadows along the wall and places a conter-of-mass shot directly into the nearest slaver’s back. As the Hobgoblin lurches from his seat in sudden pain, Daethin looses a rapid volley of two arrows. The first takes the slaver in the shoulder, while the second severs his spine at the base of his skull, passing through the back of his head to protrude out his mouth, killing him instantly.

At this point, Santiago rushes in and hurls a javelin through the shoulder of the other Hobgoblin. His attack is immediately followed by Rayne, who lets fly with a well placed fireball revealing the face of a rather surprised ogre, just as it envelops the entire campfire circle in a burst of magic flame.


The fireball incinerates the remaining Hobgoblin before he has time to react. The ogre, however, manages to survive the blast, but looks severely worse for wear. The rest of the party chooses this moment to rush the camp. Lanna charges towards the staggering ogre, astride Ceffyl while Eleanor and Piruk make for the huddled slaves and the cage on the cart, respectively.

Suddenly, two more ogres join the fray. The first rises from atop the squat stone tower to the right of the path and lobs a large chunk of masonry at Rua’Lanna and Kit, missing horribly. The other, rushes from the shell of a burned out cottage to the left of the path, hurling himself at Piruk and sending him reeling with a mighty double-handed swing of his greatclub. Piruk, reeling but not out, returns the favor with change, dropping the ogre with two swings of his maul.

Meanwhile, Rayne hurls another fireball into the ogre on the rooftop, while Daethin follows up with several volleys of arrows, dropping both the remaining ogres.

Out of immediate danger for the time being, Kit and Daethin move forward to investigate the tower while the rest of the party sets about tending to the refugees. Rua’Lanna uses her lays a hand on each of the former slaves, channeling a controlled amount of Ehlonna’s life-giving magic to help speed their recovery. Meanwhile, Piruk lays into the cage door, shattering its lock with just a few blows of his maul.

The occupant of the cage turns out to be a very battered and bloody cleric of Kord who introduces himself as Olympos. He thanks Piruk for his assistance and accompanies the rest of the slaves beyond the wall of the compound, where Rayne is attempting to make them comfortable.

Meanwhile, inside the tower, Daethin and Kit enter into a large common room. A spiral staircase in the far right corner leads both up and down from the main floor. A few articles of travellers’ gear lie stacked in the corners and The fireplace, though dark, still emits warmth from an earlier fire.

Have you seen my sneak-buddy?

Daethin chooses to go upstairs to confirm that the ogre on the rooftop is dead, while Kit creeps cautiously downstairs into the gloom. Striking a sunrod to illuminate the darkness at the foot of the stairs, Kit spies a short hallway at the end of which, looms a pair of double doors. She creeps carefully forward, scanning the floor intently for traps…

Which is why she fails to see the net hurled from the shadows. Her adrenaline pumping, Kit manages to free herself from the restraining net, but just as she is about to turn and run, she is tackled from behind by an iron grip and dragged through the door at the end of the hall.

Daethin, returning to the main floor after checking the roof, hears the sounds of a scuffle coming from the lower level and a gasp of alarm in a voice he recognizes as Kit’s. Rushing down the stairs, Daethin sees the same empty hallway that greeted Kit just moments before, save for the lone sunrod lying discarded in the middle of the corridor…

Session 31: Rescuing Kit
Hey you. Get your damn hands off her!

An Ogre Outpost in The Cloud Peaks

Current Task:
Rescue Kit!
Travel to Cydon to seek the source of the Blight

NPCs Met:
Wigston Muxloe

Treasure Gained: Update: Adjusted to reflect the items identified in Session 32
Item Qty. Recipient Location Found Notes
Coins 3140g 400s even split (448g 57s each) (4g 1s leftover)
mwk longsword x3 Bag of Hold Hobgoblins
mwk heavy flail x1 Bag of Hold Hobgoblin Slaver
mwk greatclub (lg) x1 Bag of Hold Ogre Barbarian
mwk javelin x6 ??? Hobgoblins
mwk chainmail x1 Bag of Hold Hobgoblin Lieutenant
mwk breastplate x1 Bag of Hold Hobgoblin Slaver
mwk light shield, wood x1 Bag of Hold Hobgoblin Lieutenant
mwk chainmail (lg) x1 Bag of Hold Ogre Barbarian
Helm of Battle x1 Santiago Ogre Barbarian
mwk heavy shield, darkwood x1 ??? crates
Goods and Items
Bag of dust x1 ??? Hobgoblin Lieutenant
Jumping Caltrops x1 ??? Hobgoblin Lieutenant in exotic hide pouch
torc, silver-plated copper x1 ??? Hobgoblin Lieutenant
hat, boarskin x1 Eleanor Hobgoblin Lieutenant
dice, granite x1 pair Kit Hobgoblin 6-sided
mug, brass x1 Kit crates
Stone, green x1 Destroyed by Eleanor Ogre aura (faint necro.)
Potion, cure light x2 Daethin Hobgoblin Slaver
Potion, ??? x1 Rayne crates unidentified
Potion, ??? x1 ??? Hobgoblin Lieutenant unidentified
Scroll, Bull’s Strength x1 Rayne crates arcane
Scroll, Bear’s Endurance x1 Eleanor crates divine
Scroll, Snake’s Swiftness, Mass x1 Eleanor crates divine
Scroll, Remove Disease x1 Eleanor crates divine


Well, Kit had certainly done it this time… After being tackled from behind, she is dragged through the double doors at the end of the hallway she was investigating. When the stars clear from in front of her eyes, she finds herself in a large room with several hobgoblins in the midst of taking up defensive positions facing the door through which she has just been brought. Her weapons and gear are roughly pulled from her person and unceremoniously tossed onto a pile of crates along one wall. Her captors seem in a hurry to establish a defensive position.

The main feature in the room is a pair of large shafts in the floor along one wall. One is empty and too deep to see the bottom, at least in passing. A large chain descends into the center of the open shaft. It is pulled taught as though it is either anchored to the bottom or has a large object suspended from the end of it. The other end of the chain rises out of the pit and disappears through a hole in the ceiling. The other shaft also has a chain coming out of the ceiling above it, but this chain splits in four just below the ceiling and anchors into four corners of a platform that hangs suspended in the shaft.

Besides the hobgoblins, there are four other “people” in the room. Two are ogres. One stands beside a lever embedded into the floor between the two shafts. The other, who is larger,and who is wearing an ornate helmet is staring intently at a human slave standing by some sort of panel that is set into a door on the far side of the room. As the hobgoblins bring Kit in, there is a sudden flash, a sizzle of electricity and the slave by the far door falls unmoving where he stood.

The ogre in the helmet lets out a roar, and pounds his fist on the floor in rage, cracking some of the flagstones. While the ogre is shouting, he repeats the words Snuhk’Glohr several times amidst his bellowing in whatever language ogres speak.

The last person in the room is another slave. He appears to be Gnomish. He has been gagged and one of the hobgoblins is standing guard next to him over by one of the pits.

Hey you... Get your damn hands off her!

When Daethin discovers Kit’s discarded sunrod in the middle of the hall upon investigating the commotion downstairs, he immediately dashes back outside to enlist the help of the others. Rayne looks up from tending to the recently freed slaves as Lanna instructs Ceffyl to watch over them. The party then rushes into the tower and down to the lower hallway to prepare their assault.

Piruk kicks open the big double doors to reveal a group of hobgoblins staring intently at him from behind the cover of crates. The apparent leader, distinguished by the officer’s torc around his neck and his particularly nasty demeanor has Kit by one arm and is holding his longsword at her throat.

“If you want your friend to live, drop your weapons and leave this place!” bellows the head of the slavers.

Piruk rebuffs the offer, sizing up his chances. The hobgoblins and the adventurers stare each other down through the open doorway.

Then Rayne, not one for political niceties, decides to relieve the tension of the standoff by firing a barrage of magic missiles at the hobgoblin holding on her roguish friend. The bolts fly unerringly into the slaver who is left charred by the arcane blast.

Suddenly, everything is in motion. Piruk, Lanna and Eleanor charge forward into the room as the hobgoblins behind the crates hurl javelins and tanglefoot bags at the charging party. Piruk reaches the stack of crates and immediately puts an end to one of the slavers while Kit uses the opportunity to jerk free from their leader who is holding her captive.

Lanna takes a direct hit from a tanglefoot bag and finds herself rooted to the floor by strands of sticky adhesive.

Eleanor, thinking quickly, casts Enlarge Person on the unarmed Kit. As the thief suddenly doubles in size, one of the hobgoblins is forced to dive over the crates to avoid being trampled underfoot. Unfortunately, his attempt to escape brings him directly into the path of Piruk’s maul, and another slaver is no more.

The helmeted ogre, suddenly seeing an opponent to match him in size lashes out at the enlarged Kit with his greatclub. The thief is sent reeling, but quickly recovers, grabbing the longsword off the slaver who failed to escape over the crates. Turning to face the ogre once again, Kit is startled when the brute suddenly bellows Snuhk’GLOR! and bowls past her.

Rayne, who has moved into the room and is battling one of the slavers who had set up to the side of the entrance turns to see a strange creature that has just appeared behind her. The gummy mouth in the middle of its torso opens as a pair of slender hands dart out and snatch the recently acquired white rod from Rayne’s belt.

The strange creature then turns, and seeing the enraged ogre bearing down on it, vanishes as suddenly as it appeared. When the creature vanishes, the ogre bellows in rage and once again shouts, Snuhk’GLOR!

Eventually, the part begins to gain the upper hand, slaying several of the hobgoblin slavers and then each of the ogres in turn. The remaining hobgoblins, finding themselves suddenly outnumbered, make a break for the door. One of the slavers throws the great lever in the floor, and the platform on which the bound gnome is lying begins to descend into the floor. Meanwhile, a similar platform rises from the other shaft, opening a way for the hobgoblin to flee the scene. The lead slaver is cut down before he can reach the exit, but two of his companions gain the outer hallway and then the stair to the surface.

Lanna, hoping to cut off their escape reaches out to Ceffyl through her empathic bond. She sends a sense of warning, impending danger and rage. Soon, a surge of adrenaline followed by a sense of vengeful satisfaction flows back to her through the link and she knows that one of the fleeing slavers will not escape. Unfortunately, the other manages to slip past the unicorn’s slashing horn, fleeing into the wilderness.

With the flight of the remaining hobgoblin, our heroes pause to assess their situation. A muffled plea from the depths of the elevator shaft prompts Piruk to once again pull the lever. After a moment of grinding chains, the platforms once again trade places and the bound gnome ascends back out of the shaft.

While some of the party see to the gnomish prisoners bonds, others begin constructing a makeshift barricade from the pile of crates, for they need to rest soon, but do not know what other threats might emerge from the shafts in the floor or through the locked door on the far side of the room. Meanwhile, curious about the door which seemed to be the focus of the helmeted ogre’s attention, Eleanor examines the far door more closely.

The door features what appears to be a curious sort of latch. A 5×5 grid with 4 raised squares and a brass knob projecting from one of the corner squares. The squares immediately adjacent to the knob emit an electric blue glow.

Door puzzle
The puzzling latch

When Eleanor gingerly pulls on the brass knob, it suddenly slides through one of the blue squares, and does not stop until it hits the edge of the plate. Each square it passes through raises up behind it making its return impossible. When it comes to rest, the vacant squares next to the knob once again light up with a blue glow. Eleanor continues to move the knob around the plate and it continues to slide until stopped by the edge, or a raised square. This continues until the knob becomes penned in by raised squares, yet some remain vacant… Suddenly, there is a crackle and an arc of electricity shoots violently out towards Eleanor who just manages to dodge aside.

Deciding that it may be best to work this one out on parchment before making any further attempts, Eleanor leaves the door for the time-being and returns upstairs to look after the recently freed slaves.

Session 32: Arrival in Cydon

Recap Pending:

Activities: Fought the ethereal filcher and raided its nest. sent the slaves back to their homes. Continued into Cydon. Ambushed by displacer beast. Arrived in Talynbourg.

Session 33: Talynbourg


Current Task: Travel to Cydon to seek the source of the Blight

NPCs Met:
  • A mysterious cloaked stranger
  • Lugubrous
  • Father Augustin

A Needed Rest:

Upon arriving in the Cydonic town of Talynbourg, the party checked into rooms at the merchant inn, The Lion’s Paw. They then set out to sell their accumulated loot and to see if they could gain some insight into recent events occurring in the mountainous country.

Research Efforts:

Eleanor decided to head across the town square to the church of Heironeous, where she offered her services as a healer in exchange for conversation and use of the church’s library.
Daethin, Piruk, Rua’Lanna and Wigston headed into the adventurer’s quarter, where they ended up at the Chopping Block Tavern. They supplied the local patrons with drinks in an effort to loosen some tongues.

By the evening of the first day, the party had successfully unloaded the collective spoils of their journey. The next day was spent conducting the research and information-gathering efforts listed above.

Daethin, Wigston and Rayne spent some time out at Daethin’s dire-wolf and unicorn-friendly campsite drinking pearl infused wine as they identified the various magic items the group had picked up in their travels.

In the midst of their investigatory carousing, the trio was visited by a mysterious cloaked traveler. He asked politely if he could rest by their fire before heading into town. After discretely checking with Ceffyl to see if the visitor smelled of evil, the group cautiously decided to allow him to share their fire for a bit.

The mysterious figure asked a few small-talk questions about the services to be found in town and the general location of each. In the midst of the conversation, another visitor arrived. A member of the city watch had been dispatched to investigate reports of a very large wolf frightening the flock of one of the local goatherds on his way to market. When he saw that the dire-wolf in question was tethered and barded, he issued an awkward reminder to the party to make sure their animals were under control, before excusing himself back to his duties.

A little while after the guard had left, the mysterious stranger also excused himself, and continued on to the town gate, leaving behind a small purse with a few gold inside.

The adventurers continued their identification efforts unmolested for the rest of the afternoon. The only other incident of note occurred when a platoon of Cydonic infantry marched past into the town, lead by a leather-clad scout and an impressively armored knight mounted on the back of one of the Cydonic dire rams, which the group had previously only heard about.

Dinner and a Floor Show

That evening, the party convened out at Daethin’s campsite to distribute their newly identified items and to discuss their course of action. They decided that it would be prudent to proceed to the capitol to get a better sense of recent political occurrences and potentially to offer their assistance to the prince regent.

Lion's Paw Common Room
The Common Room at the Lion’s Paw

After deciding on a course of action, the group adjourned to the common room of the Lion’s Paw, where Wigston set about performing for the patrons. The clientele consisted mostly of merchants and the aristocracy of the town, along with a table of Cydonic soldiers enjoying an evening meal.

The bard was in the middle of a tale of forbidden love when Daethin, pondering a trip to the bar, noticed a disaster about to occur. It seemed that Kit’s spider-thief had gotten loose at some point during the day’s shopping trips and was now perched on the back of a chair occupied by an affluent looking woman, and was reaching towards the sparkling jewel in her hair.

Hoping to avert a disaster, Daethin quickly rose and crossed the common-room under the pretense of going to refill his drink. As he passed behind the spider-bot, he made a grab for the construct. Unfortunately, the squirrely machine dodged away from Daethin’s grasping hands, while simultaneously giving a mighty tug on the woman’s jewel, forcibly yanking it from her hair.

The woman screamed.

Wigston’s performance halted mid-syllable. The spider-thief, jewel in tow made a b-line for the table where Kit was sitting. Kit, thinking quickly decided to play the victim and began screaming hysterically as soon as the spider thief reached her.

The table of soldiers stood up and their leader, a lighthaired man in an impressive and meticulously polished suit of plate ordered Daethin to halt immediately. The elf threw up his hands and backed away from the screaming woman, unsuccessfully attempting to extract himself from association with the robbery.

Meanwhile, Kit bolted for the door as she continued to scream and play the victim. Unfortunately, the soldiers had gone into control mode and had no intention of letting the victim of a crime leave the scene, especially if the culprit was potentially hiding somewhere on her person. Kit was halted at the door by a soldier urging her to calm down and return to her seat.

The other members of the party tried various tactics to either dissolve or escalate the situation in order to facilitate an escape. Eleanor offered to assist the soldiers in their investigation, while Piruk took the opposite tack. Slamming down his tankard, he roared at the officer nearest to Kit to unhand his wife and immediately charged the offender. Unfortunately, the dwarf’s balance failed him as he attempted to vault a table in his path. Slipping on one of the dishes, he landed face first in a surprised merchant’s soup.

At this point, the situation went from dire to worse. Rayne foolishly attempted to use her wand of charm person on the lead soldier. The spell failed, as did her sleight of hand attempt. Then, members of the city watch arrived on the scene, responding to the sounds of screaming coming from the usually peaceful inn. One of the officers, the same one Daethin had met earlier that day at the campsite leaned over to the lead soldier and whispered, “Those are the folks I saw speaking to that one you brought in earlier.”

Recognizing that the futility of their escape attempts, and unwilling to resort to outright violence, the party at last decided to comply with the soldiers’ orders to return to their seats. Once the scene was secured and the jewel was returned to the shaken woman, the lead officer, who the group could now see sported the lightning and gauntlet symbol of Heironeous on his armor, ordered the guards to take our heroes into custody and to escort them next door to the city watch headquarters for questioning.

Session 34: I Fought the Law
...and I done won!

Our heroes are in up to their necks. They have been brought in for questioning after Kit’s spider-bot disrupted a perfectly pleasant evening at the Lion’s Paw by trying to steal a jewel from one of the well to-do patrons.


The party is escorted from the Lion’s Paw Inn by a squad of city watch, along with the Cydonic soldiers who saw the incident with the spider-bot in the Lion’s Paw common room. They lead them to the squat, stone building next door that the party first saw when they checked in at the inn. The banners of Cydon and Talynbourg hang from wrought iron posts above the main entrance.

Inside, the group finds themselves in the town watch’s ready room. There is a table with half eaten meals sitting on it. Several chairs have been pushed back in a haphazard fashion.

They are lead up to a counter and asked to remove any weapons, belt pouches or other non-clothing items from their person and to place them on the counter. The guards then perform pat-down searches to make sure nobody is concealing anything else on them.

Our heroes are then lead one by one into an adjacent room while the others wait outside. The room is bare, with thick, stone walls and furnished only with a table and two chairs.

The man who appears to be in charge of the Cydonic soldiers who were eating at the inn beckons each interrogant to sit. He introduces himself as Colonel Dekelor. Once the accused is seated, he begins the questioning.

Order of Interrogation

  1. Kit Results
  2. Eleanor Results
  3. Rua’Lanna Results
  4. Rayne Results
  5. Daethin Results
  6. Wigston
  7. Piruk Results
  8. Santiago

As each person finishes, they are escorted from the room, back through the ready room and down to the building’s holding cells.

The Verdict

Our heroes are escorted downstairs to the building’s holding cells to await Dekelor’s decision. When he finishes with the interrogations, he comes down to inform the party of their fate. Because Mistress Thryn has had her jewel returned, and because the party agreed to pay the damages incurred to the Lion’s Paw common room, they are not under arrest. However, because they are in the country without proper paperwork, and because they have disturbed the peace once already, with a high potential of doing so again, Dekelor has decided that they will be escorted to the border town of Westgate, where they will be handed over to the watch for deportation back to Turimor. Once they are out of Cydon, the group’s gear… minus the items deemed contraband within Cydon or used in the commission of the previous evening’s disturbance, will be returned to them.

They will depart with Dekelor’s platoon in the morning. Until that time, the party will be guests of the Talynbourg watch, and will remain in their holding cells.

Resisting Arrest, (after the fact…)

Recap in the works… for now, enjoy pictures of the aftermath

Talynbourg Garrison 3
Lower Level (Holding Cells)
Talynbourg Garrison 2
Upper Level (Evidence Room)
Talynbourg Garrison 1
Upper Level (Ready Room)
Session 35: Escape from Talynbourg

Where we left off…

Lanna pauses to catch her breath, standing over the two watchmen who gasp hopelessly from their wounds and mingle their blood on the flagstone floor of the ready room. She glances toward the far door where a wiser member of the guard just retreated to lick his wounds. A faint clatter of movement comes from the other side of the door. She can feel Ceffyl’s insistant tug reaching out from the North.

The front door to the Talynbourg Watch Garrison creaks heavily on its hinges, left ajar when Santiago charged through after a fleeing watchman just moments before. A crisp night breeze gusts in from outside, hinting of freedom.

Daethin, Eleanor and Rayne frantically root through the shelves and cupboards of the garrison’s evidence room, searching for their confiscated gear. The rest of the party stands over the unconscious obstacles to their flight, panting at the top of the stairs.

In the square outside, Santiago has just caught up with the guard who fled seeking reinforcements from the keep, which looms atop the hillside, a mere 100ft. away.

Talynbourg Garrison 3
Lower Level (Holding Cells)
Talynbourg Garrison 2
Upper Level (Evidence Room)
Talynbourg Garrison 1
Upper Level (Ready Room)

Let’s Blow this Popsicle Stand…

Lanna stoops over the two guards lying bloody on the floor before her. She lays a hand gently on each of them as she opens herself to the healing flow of the Goddess of Life. She channels a thin stream of Ehlonna’s divine radiance into the unconscious watchmen and the flow of blood begins to slow. Their breathing becomes deep and regular. They will certainly feel it when they wake up.

The door on the far side of the room closes with a thud but the indistinct clamor of aggravated men can still be heard beyond it. Lanna looks to the main entrance where a second guard has just fled.

In the evidence room at the top of the stairs, the rest of the party scrambles frantically to recover their gear. Moving between shelves, racks and cupboards, they recover their confiscated belongings as thoroughly and efficiently as possible.

Virago and Piruk are the only two who bother attempting to don their armor. The rest decide that haste is more important and sweep their bits of plate and leather into Daethin’s open bag of holding.

While gathering up her weapons, Eleanor notices a particularly fine looking battle axe leaning in the corner. As she is testing the heft of it, Piruk’s eyes go wide. “Adamantine! Best let me hang on to that lass, I’ll make sure it’s put to good use.”

Kit pauses briefly in her own collection effort to try her newly recovered thieve’s tools on a large chest bearing the sigil of Talynbourg. With a satisfying click, the lid pops open to reveal the party’s coin purses along with several additional sacks of gold. These too get swept into the bag of holding.

In the chill night outside, Santiago dogs the heels of the fleeing watchman. He delivers several hefty blows, one of which sends him reeling and unable to move. The half-orc then follows up with a mighty strike that sends the unfortunate guard into unconscious slumber.

The monk turns back to the town square, only to see another guard headed in his direction, limping heavily and pursued by a sword-wielding Lanna. He begins to advance on the guard, who freezes, wide eyed and immediately bolts in the other direction calling frantically for aid. Realizing that their escape effort is getting louder by the moment, Santiago urges Lanna to break off pursuit and gather her things to leave.

The two return inside, passing by Rayne who is shoving the ready room’s furniture up against the door through which the guards had first appeared. The clamor coming from the far side of the door has now moved upstairs.

The party has nearly finished gathering their things when they suddenly hear three sharp blasts from a horn coming from the building’s roof. Immediately after the alarm is sounded, every dog in Talynbourg begins to bark and howl into the night.

Virago rushes to the entrance and peers out into the night. “We’d best be going. Soon!”

The last of their things collected, the group gathers just behind the threshold to the main entrance. Kit, stands in the lead with her Horn of Fog at the ready. Eleanor casts a protective Sanctuary spell over the rogue who then charges out the door, leaps off the steps and lets out an eerie, hollow blast on her magic horn. A single crossbow bolt thuds harmlessly into the dirt by Kit’s feet as a billowing cloud of vapor spreads out from the horn to fill the area immediately outside the garrison’s entrance.

The rest of the group acts quickly, charging out the door and down the steps. As soon as they burst out of the protective cover of Kit’s cloud, they come under withering fire from crossbowmen who have taken position on the Garrison roof. Ahead of them, they see two city watch charging towards them up the darkened street.

Our fleeing heroes turn the corner of the building cutting north through the alleys and back ways of the town. A second blast from Kit’s horn once again masks their flight from the rooftop snipers, but the group must pause briefly to help Wigston and Piruk keep up.

Soon, the party is fleeing in a twisting chase with the two watchmen on their tail. Eventually, one of the guards, whose appearance suggests a great love of mutton and good ale begins to falter in his pursuit. His partner, frustrated, reluctantly realizes that he faces steep odds alone against nine armed fugitives and pulls up as well.

Once our heroes have put the pursuing watchmen well behind them, they slow their pace and continue forward carefully, taking care to avoid the patrols now combing the city streets. The nighttime shadows and continued barking of the town’s dogs provide ample cover, and the party reaches the town’s north wall without further incident.

They pause in the shadow of an alley to assess the situation at the wall. They are approximately 100ft. from the north gatehouse where they can see two guards peering up the street. Eleanor reaches into the bag of holding and hands Santiago a length of knotted rope. He then runs for the wall and leaps to grab hold of the wall-walk, pulling himself up onto the narrow ledge. The guards’ gazes remain fixed on the lighted street 100 feet away.

Santiago secures the rope to the parapet and one by one, the rest of the party creeps from hiding and scales the wall, crouching low to avoid detection. When everyone has reached the wall-top, they shift the rope to the opposite side. Kit waits behind, and when the rest of the party has made the descent, she releases the rope and then leaps from the parapet, trusting her Ring of Featherfall to arrest her descent.

Tasting freedom at last, the party moves north from the wall, where they are met by a concerned-looking Ceffyl (if a unicorn can look concerned) with Crooktooth and Scar in tow. After discussing their next course of action, the group decides to travel south with Virago. They then begin the painstaking task of circling around the town, while taking care to cover their tracks in hopes of delaying the inevitable pursuit.

They continue picking their way south until the eastern mountains begin to release the glow of the coming dawn. As day approaches, our heroes take shelter in a wooded ravine, out of view of the south roadway and the surrounding farmlands. Foregoing a fire, the group collapses for a much needed rest.