Kobold Cleric of Pelor


Note: Players do not get to see my NPC stat blocks

As a victim of serious trauma, Ashii is an understandably twitchy individual. When our heroes found him, he had barricaded himself in a storage closet. He wore a tattered blue tunic, with a red headband tied around his forehead. He was armed with a hand crossbow and several flasks of alchemist’s fire.

Fortunately, our heroes managed to calm him down and convinced Ashii that they would come back for him when the coast was clear. The password was, “bunk beds”.


Ashii used to be just your average kobold. He dwelled with his clan in the Gnossian ruins beneath the town of Riverbend. He enjoyed pilfering poorly guarded trade goods and treasures from the town and merchant barges along the river.

Then his whole world was upside-down. A mysterious evil presence began to grow within the ruined complex that was Ashii’s home. The growing evil had a corrupting effect, even on his already evil brethren. Ashii watched in horror as his entire clan succumbed to the horrors of undeath. Eventually, he was forced to take refuge in a small storage room. He barricaded himself away from his undead clan, but was left trapped in the tiny chamber with few options but to wait for death.

Perhaps fate smiled upon Ashii, or perhaps it was some cruel joke of the Gods when the group of adventurers cleared the evil from the complex and rescued Ashii, half-crazed, from his prison. Without kobold companionship or a home to live in, Ashii was adrift in the hostile surface world.

The adventurers eventually struck a deal, which resulted in the kobold becoming a ward of the Church of Pelor. Though Ashii loathed the thought of being coerced into worshipping the God of Light and the horrible burning sun, he recognized that the clerics of Pelor could probably provide him with the best defense against future outbreaks of undeath… and perhaps they could show him a thing or two about zombie killing.

Time to break out the sun screen…


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