Drow Fighter, Sheriff of Fenwatch


Ba’art came to the surface as a child when his parents were forced to flee their homeland after being caught on the losing end of a bloody war between two powerful houses.

Upon reaching adulthood, Ba’art lived and worked on the seedier, more accepting side of society. He eventually built a reputation for himself as an able body guard and guide, which eventually lead him to join the Wayshepherd’s Guild as a mercenary escort. There, he specialized in escorting caravans through dangerous terrain, especially those regions known to be common raiding grounds for his kinsmen.

When the trouble in Fenwatch started, Ba’art found himself quickly moving up the social ladder as many of the other guild-members chose to abandon the troubled town in search of easier money. Eventually, when what little local government there was, finally collapsed, Ba’art took over as acting sheriff and de facto leader of the few remaining citizens of the small border town.

He has earned the respect of Fenwatch’s remaining townsfolk and is most commonly seen with his larger, 1/2 orc companion, Mo’ngo.


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