Lance Commander, Cydonic Royal Guard & Leader of the Cydonic Rebels

Lance Commander, Brahm Vispakal
1st Encounter: Session 38
Attitude: Friendly
Physical Traits: Overdressed, Physically Powerful
Personality: Confident, Proud, Charming towards the ladies
Role: Authority Figure, Military Leader
Affiliations: Cydonic Royal Guard, Cydonic Rebels

“For the glory of Cydon and the Dragon Throne!”

“Heironeous, gird my Heart.”

Lance Commander, Brahm Vispakal embodies the physical glory of the Heironean faith, in a way that may seem outlandish to outsiders. His armor is incredibly ornate with many flourishes and embellishments of questionable practicality. He is polite and charming in manner, but can be brutal when he feels a wrong has been committed.


Brahm is a boyhood friend of prince Steponas, having come up through the ranks with him. He currently serves as one of Steponas’s lieutenants and commander of his Home Guard. When the King’s murder occurred, Brahm was guarding Steponas’s lands in his absence. When the Army was sent to investigate his liege’s home, Brahm resisted and was eventually forced to flee. He fled first to his own lands and then to Thunder Vale, where he now serves as the de-facto leader of the fractured Cydonic Rebels. He is confident that the Will of the Invincible One is on the side of Steponas and so he has vowed to hold out against Tornas’s forces and the purification raids of the Redemption. He is determined that Steponas will have a base from which to operate so that he can defend his honor from a point of strength upon his return.


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