Carboni, "The Bear"

Human Rogue & Thieve's Guild Master

Carboni, “The Bear”
1st Encounter: Session 45
Attitude: Helpful
Physical Traits: Towering, rotund and hairy
Personality: Jovial, but potentially dangerous. Enjoys biting wit
Role: Contact
Affiliations: Panthium Thieve’s Guild

Carboni is the head of the Thieve’s guild based out of the 3 Rings gambling hall in the Olidammari parish in Panthium. His guild is currently at war with a rival organization based in the Vecnan Parish. Carboni is upset because the other guild’s acceptance of assassination and kidnapping contracts “spoils the pot” by putting nobles and law-enforcement on high alert.

The party was originally directed to Carboni by Virago, who mentioned he could potentially be useful in helping to track down Steponas.

Carboni agreed to help our heroes, after they foiled an attack on his guildhall by the rival Vecnan organization. Turns out the rival guild is made up of vampires!... good times.

Carboni, "The Bear"

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