"Topsail" Ernie Barrowbottom

Halfling Rogue & 1st Mate of the R.V. Black Otter

“Topsail” Ernie Barrowbottom
1st Encounter: Session 14
Attitude: Indifferent
Physical Traits: Tousled hair, caloused hands and feet, very nimble
Role: Associate
Affiliations: RV Black Otter

Ernie is the first mate of the River Vessel, Black Otter. He gained the nickname “Topsail” because he spends much of his time perched high in the rigging spotting for obstacles and trimming the boat’s sails.

The heroes first met him when they chartered the vessel to carry them between Riverbend and Turimor City. Ernie was nearly killed during the journey when the party was attacked by cultists while pulled into the shore one evening. His Captain, Joan Currentrider still hasn’t forgiven the heroes for the trouble they brought.

"Topsail" Ernie Barrowbottom

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