Gatwick Rugeley

Gnomish Explorer & Captain of the G.A.V. Zephyr

Gatwick Rugeley’s personality is as big as his moustache and cannot be contained by his diminutive frame. He is adventurous and outspoken, and fully aware of his own notable exploits.

Gatwick Rugeley
1st Encounter: Session 54, Panthium
Attitude: Friendly
Physical Traits: bald, ornately mustachioed
Personality: garrulous, confident, out-going
Role: Explorer, Adventurer & Celebrity
Affiliations: Yezhitra Arcanological Ministry (YAM), GAV Zephyr


Y.A.M. G.A.V. Zephyr

Gatwick has been scouring the Red Wind Wastes for the last couple years in search of ancient artifacts. The gnomish explorer is commissioned by the Yezhitra Arcanological Ministry (YAM) and is their most prominent acquisitor. Gatwick primarily travels via the Gnomish Air Vessel, Zephyr.

Gatwick Rugeley

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