1/2 Elf Paladin of Ehlonna


Race Class, Level
%Level #
Alignment: %
Abilities: Str 10, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 10
Initiative: +0 Speed: 30 ft.
Hit Dice: (hp)
AC/tch/ff: 10/10/10 ( Armor, Dex, Nat., Size, )
Saves: Fort +0, Ref +0, Will +0
BAB/Grapple: +0/+0 Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Attack: Weapon +0 type (1d+0) range
Full Attack: Weapon +0 type (1d+0) range
Special Attacks:
Special Qualities:
Treasure: None

Rua’Lanna: 1/2 Elf Paladin (Ehlonna), 5 NG
HP: 44
Init: +1
Speed: 30 (20)
Abilities: Str 16, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 14, Cha 17
AC/Tch/FF: 20/11/19 (+1 dex, +2 shield, +7 armor)
Saves: Fort 88, Ref 5, Will 62, 3, 7
BAB/Grap: 5/8
Melee: 1 Flaming Longsword +9[1, 6] (1d8+4 (+1d6 fire)(1d6 v. undead9) 19-20/x2) or dagger +8m +6r1,[6] (1d4+3 19-20/x2) 10ft Range: Composite Longbow (1) +6 (1d8+1×3) 110ft. Skills: diplomacy 74, gather info 54, heal 4, know religion 0, listen 3, ride 2, search 05, spot 3 Feats:

1 Power Attack swap attack bonus for dmg.

Cleave Immediate 2nd attack on adjacent after dropping enemy

Racial Traits:

2 Immune to sleep, Low-Light Vision, Elven Blood

3 +2 v. enchantment

4 +2 to diplomacy and gather info.

5 +1 to listen, search and spot

Class Traits:

Spells: L1×1 DC 13

Turn Undead: (6x/day) HD affected = 2d6+ [lvl-3] +Cha mod

Detect Evil: (at will) 60’ cone.

6 Smite Evil: (2x/day) Add CHA bonus to melee atk v. evil creature and +1/paladin lvl to damage.

Divine Grace: Add CHA bonus to all saves

Lay on Hands: heal (pal lvl + CHA bonus) hp per day with touch.

7 Aura of Courage: Immune to Fear. Allies w/in 10ft. get +4 to saves v. fear

8 Divine Health: Immune to all disease, including supernatural types.

Languages: Common, Elven

Notable Items:

Wildwood Full Plate (Max dex +2)(AC check -5)

9 True Death Crystal +1d6 v. undead


Rua’Lanna is the pointy-eared bastard child of a human mother and an elven father. Her mother, a simple farmwife succumbed to the exotic allure of an elven man out looking for a passing thrill. When Lanna was born, her mother geve her a human name and insisted that she was the legitimate human child of her suspicious (but not particularly bright) husband.

Lanna grew up knowing nothing of her elven blood, but she could not avoid the obvious realization that she just didn’t fit in with the humans around her. Treated like a dirty secret by her parents and singled out by her siblings and their friends, Lanna’s childhood was a struggle. Like her farming family, she grew up short on book learning, but honed her physical prowess and intuition in her fight for acceptance.

Lanna finally became aware of her elven heritage during adolescence and began to shape her identity accordingly. She took her current elven name and eventually fled her human family to the elven land of Elionde. She eventually found acceptance in the church of Ehlonna, turning her fiery spirit and martial prowess to the task of defending the faith.

Today, Rua’Lanna serves as a holy warrior for her god hoping some day to gain official acceptance into the Knights of the Spiral Horn. Lanna zealously strives to squash evil and abomination wherever she finds it, but remains a friend to outcasts within society out of a sense of shared experience.


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