Father Yarov

Cleric of Heironeous

Father Yarov
1st Encounter: Session 38
Attitude: Friendly
Physical Traits: Rotund with a large, bushy beard
Personality: Boisterous, with a booming voice
Role: Authority Figure, Religious Leader
Affiliations: Church of Heironeous, Cydonic Rebels

“Well done, my lad!”

Father Yarov is a great, round man with a great round voice. He embodies the power of Heironeous in manners beyond mere physicality. He believes the invincible one approves of confidence and celebration of his name and deeds through song and feasting.


Father Yarov was born the son of a poor toymaker in Westgate. He entered the seminary in order to better himself and to improve the lives of others… especially the poor, around whom he grew up.

After completing his religious training, Yarov accepted a position in a small village in Southern Cydon. He enjoyed the life of a simple, country clergyman and took up toy-making as a hobby because it reminded him of his childhood and helped to put a smile on the faces of the village children.

Father Yarov

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