The Westerlands

Session 1 Recap:
The Job

Day 1, Mar-15, Stillford

The adventure began in the Sleeping Goose Tavern in the town of Stillford. The spring festival is in full swing after a harsh winter. There are rumors of bandits on the road and extra hungry animals in the woods.

10PM: Defeated Bors and Jax and their friend in the Sleeping Goose after they accosted the waitress, Phoebe. Fortunately, they were let off the hook because she was Silas, the constable’s sister. Their adversary’s unnamed friend ran off. Jax was knocked out by a color spray from Rayne and Bors was severely injured by Rua.

After the fight, the heroes spoke with the well-dressed stranger in the corner. The stranger introduced himself as Rhys. He hired the group to escort a wagon of ale to the town of riverbend, paying them 200g and promising a potential bonus at the completion of the mission. The heroes first had to look into his sick ox.

Day 2, Mar-16, Stillford to Sleeping Bear Trail

8:30AMThe heroes visited the village shrine and met the priestess. She told them that she was missing an ingredient for healing the ox. She had sent a local boy, Fritz to fetch the ingredient, which she identified as silkmoss. She told the group that it is white, stringy and grows in caves by Sleeping Bear Lake. The priestess gave the heroes 2 potions of cure mod wounds.

The group told Rhys they were headed to fetch the ingrediant and that they would return by the following evening.

11:30AM The heroes set off along the Sleeping Bear trail.

1PM They successfully crossed a river with a washed out bridge by enlarging Eleanor and having her carry the heroes and their gear across.

1:30PM The heroes encountered a rat swarm. They bypassed it by throwing Rua’s rations for the day into the woods beside the trail as a distraction.

2:30 The heroes came across a cabin in the woods. After observing the cabin from the outside, they determined that it was infested with spiders. They built a fire by the front door to smoke them out. Upon opening the door, two swarms of spiders spilled out of the building. 1 came out the front and attacked the heroes while the other spilled out the chimney and disappeared over the back of the building. The heroes entered the house, carefully clearing the webs as they went. After clearing approximately half the cabin, they noticed a large, mama spider on the wall above the chimney. Session 1 ends as a cliffhanger.

Previously, in the Westerlands...


The Renewal Festival

You find yourselves in the village of Stillford, a small hamlet in the foothills of the Cloud Peaks. Stillford rests along Farm-to-Market road that runs from the fertile Amber valley in the North to the town of Riverbend to the Southwest.

Stillford receives its name from the Ironstone brewery that sits alongside Stillford Creek on the South edge of town. The brewery is run by the dwarf, Werias Ironstone. It has been in his family for generations.

Stillford is a small town with only the most basic of amenities. The town square is dominated by an ancient oak tree. The Sleeping Goose Inn and Tavern, the mayor’s residence, lockup and general store ring the square. A small joint shrine to Ehlonna, goddess of nature and Pelor, the sun god lies across the street. The shrine is run by Eilnys Silverhair, an elven priestess and her assistant, Mildred.

Stillford is unusually bustling at the moment. The month of Chloria (March) represents the start of spring and the reopening of the trade roads. The residents of Stillford are currently celebrating the festival of Renewal. The local Druid circle has arrived to preside over the various rites and rituals that will assure a successful planting season. At the end of the festival, the Farm to Market Road will officially open and the trade season will commence.

It is late evening and you find yourselves in the Sleeping Goose. A stooped and weathered old man stands behind the bar and a young, buxom waitress tends to the customers. Most of the patrons are local farmers, but there is also a group of caravan drivers seated by the foot of the stairs and a well-dressed, portly fellow in the corner by the fire.

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