Arrival in Eliondé

Corellon led his people into the woods at the western base of the Cloud Peaks. The Elves were burdened with sorrow, and as the days went by the hope waned in their hearts that they would ever see those they had left behind again. So they joylessly set to the task of preparing for the inevitable pursuit of the Orcs. They began exploring the woodland realm, though they harbored little hope that they would settle there.

Yet the woods were beautiful, more beautiful than any woods they had seen before. The stars and moon seemed brighter and clearer, the nights filled with a strange magic which fanned the flames of the elemental Elven spirit deep within them. And many of the Elves began to see the Unicorns, the People of Ehlonna. Always these beasts were elusive, never allowing themselves to be seen for more than a moment by the light of sun or moon. But the Elves saw the Unicorns in their dreams; legend has it that the beasts would sneak into Elven camps at night, eluding even the wariest of sentries, and touch their horns to Elven brows and hearts, imparting dreams of hope and courage to the ragged, wayward people. And they would wake filled with knowledge they had no explanation for – of where to find the best wood for the stoutest longbows, or where the lakes were where the grey geese roosted and left their perfect feathers for fletching, or where lodes of iron or adamantine or even mithril ran through hills deep in the woods – metals to make the bitterest swords and the strongest armor. And the Elves gave thanks to the beasts when they saw them, and often when gathering fruit in the forest Elven children would leave baskets of apples for the Unicorns. And this pleased the Goddess of the Forest.

Look, strange unicorns waiting in clearings, distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!

One night Corellon awoke from sleep in his tent and went out into the night. There stood a great Unicorn, the most beautiful he had ever seen, shining with a silver light like the moon itself. She turned and cantered off into the trees, and he felt compelled to follow her. She led him on and on, while night-birds sang softly all around him and fireflies lit the shadows. Eventually the two of them came to a mighty ring of trees, taller than the tallest towers Corellon had ever seen in the land of his birth. The Unicorn led him through them to a huge clearing floored with lush green grass studded with silver flowers. In the very center of the clearing she stopped and turned to the young Elf, and he came cautiously up to her, astounded that she allowed him to approach so close. Then he saw that at her feet was a mighty sword, with a long broad blade, stout silver hand-guard, and ivory-white pommel bearing a large green gem. Etched down the blade on both sides in the Elven tongue were the words: “I am the wolf’s teeth, the storm’s lightning, the moon’s light on the darkest mere.” This was the Sword of Ehlonna, which the Kings and Queens of Elionde have worn for century upon century.

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NOTE: This account was written by Galgacusferox who plays Daethin Moonshadow


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