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Bloodfist Tribe

For the Blood!

Symbol: A red, bandaged fist raised in defiance

Background, Goals and Dreams: The Bloodfist Tribe formed in response to the pogroms launched by orc chief, Kraghok in an effort to purify the orcs of the Red Wind Wastes after uniting the disparate tribes. Many of the Half-orcs who survived the genocide banded together to form the Bloodfists. While it is comforting to be among other Half-orcs, life among the Bloodfists isn’t easy. The tribe has been driven into the Cinderlands, one of the harshest regions of the wastes. There, they have managed to find some shelter from the One Horde. The Bloodfists are too few to engage the horde directly, so they make due with skirmishing tactics. They otherwise subsist by scavenging the Cinderlands for useful trade items and food.

Members: The Bloodfists are led by a council of war chiefs headed by Dengho Khan. Other prominent members include Dhek Akaar, shaman of Gruumsh, and Rhinor Skullsplat, Khan’s strong right arm. The rest of the Bloodfists are half-orcs of the wastes -primarily barbarians, shamans, and rangers.

Type: Fighting Company / Racial Sect

Scale: 6 (city)

Tenets: The Bloodfists work together to survive in the harsh environment of the Wastes. The greatest reward of affiliation with the tribe is simply becoming part of a community with a shared heritage -something all too rare for half-orcs, even when not threatened with genocide.
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