Cydonic Army

The Cydonic Army is renowned throughout the Westerland’s for its discipline and resolve. The military is highly structured with a strict chain of command. Soldiers display incredible loyalty to their commanders. This loyalty is couched in strong Heironean ideals and contributes to the army’s reputation as a formidable fighting force.

Force Structure

The basic operational unit of the Cydonic military is the Squad. A typical squad of foot soldiers consists of ten men lead by one NCO and a commanding officer. Mounted squads are smaller, typically five men plus an NCO and commander.

Typical Infantry Squad

  • 10 Strelyet, 1/2 plate, longsword & shield
  • 1 Spear Kapral, cleric, full plate, longsword & shield
  • 1 Spear Sergeant, full plate, greatsword

Typical Archery Squad

  • 10 Bowmen, chain shirt, composite longbow
  • 1 Bow Kapral, cleric, mithral shirt, longbow
  • 1 Bow Sergeant, ranger, mithral shirt, longbow

The commanding officer of an archery squad is typically distinguished by his eagle companion. The eagle is often used to designate targets for the squad on the battlefield.

Typical Cavalry Squad

  • 5 Lancemen, full plate, lance & longsword, dire ram mount
  • 1 Scout Sergeant, mithral shirt, longsword & shortbow, light warhorse mount
  • 1 Knight, full plate, lance & longsword, dire ram mount

Cydonic Army

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