Government: Royal Oligarchy
Ruler: TBD
Capitol: Galtrimarth
Major Faiths: Correlic, Ehlonnic
Minor Faiths: Obad’haian

The Kingdom of Eliondé has stood ever since the battles which forged it, its Kings and Queens descending in unbroken line from Corellon and his wife Sehanine. The Eliondic capital is at Galtrimarth, the very ring of mighty trees where Ehlonna gave Corellon her Sword. That city melds the old architecture and arcane prowess of the ancient Elven civilization with their rediscovered reverence for nature. New trees were planted in the clearing, and as they reached maturity a great network of suspended buildings were placed among them and in their crowns. The outer ring of mighty trees provides most of the load-bearing support, and their crowns were left undeveloped, a glorious monument to the power of Ehlonna who nurtured them.

The battlefield of Yrcrost, in a north-eastern part of Eliondé’s borderlands, remains a cursed place which few Elves visit. It is said that the fallen body of Gruumsh cursed the land and trapped the souls of many who were slain their, on both sides. Trees still grow there, but they are twisted and corrupted, and it is said that malicious Treants prowl the bewildering shadows of that evil wood. Spectral undead haunt that place, and restless bones are said to shamble purposeless here and there. Strange sounds and voices pursue travelers who dare to pass the borders, and it is said that ill-luck pursues them even after they have left.


The Army of Eliondé is revered throughout the Westerlands by all races – it is rivaled in size and strength only by the army of Cydon. Eliondic tactics value archery, stealth, and guile over the chivalric doctrine embraced by Cydonic soldiers, and Eliondic generals tend to see their Cydonic counterparts as oafish and bereft of finesse. Military service is compulsory for most Elves, except for a caste of civil servants directly below the King and Queen in Eliondé’s social heirarchy; these bureaucrats have become something like nobility, with their positions and duties being hereditary.

In recent years, Eliondé has had to endure more and more vicious attacks from the East by an ambitious Drow kingdom, which uses undead soldiers and Orcish allies to afflict the Elves, their bitter enemies.

NOTE: This description of Eliondé was written by Galgacusferox who plays Daethin Moonshadow


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