Order of the Spiral Horn

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Unicorn Shield

The Order of the Spiral Horn

So that all may flourish!

Symbol: A green shield emblazoned with the white or silver head of a unicorn

Background, Goals and Dreams: The Order of the Spiral Horn is a military organization in the service of the Temple of Ehlonna. The Order is devoted to the defense of the environment and the promotion of harmony between civilization and the natural world. The Order crusades against aberrations and others who would taint, ravage or otherwise harmfully exploit the natural world.

Members: Members of the Order include priests, paladins, rangers and druids. Elves, Halflings, Gnomes and other races known for their love of nature make up the majority of the order’s members. The Order is governed by the Sylvan Circle, a group of powerful druids, paladins and clerics of Ehlonna.

Type: Fighting Company / Religious Order

Scale: 12 (multi-regional / kingdom)
The Order’s sacred forest citadel is located on the Eye of Ehlonna, an Island in the middle of a lake at the center of the great forest of Elionde. Chapter houses may be found in wooded areas of the world, especially in regions where the natural order is threatened. Order members also may operate out of Ehlonnic Temples.

Tenets: Members of the Order must adhere to the code of conduct assigned to all Ehlonnic paladins. This code, known as the Roots of Ehlonna, or the Three Threes, includes 9 guiding principles, which direct the actions of Ehlonna’s defenders.

Affiliation Level:
Affiliation Score Affiliation Level / Benefits
3 or less No affiliation
4 – 10 Accepted: The Order recognizes you as a potential ally in the crusade to restore the balance of nature.
11 – 15 Steward: Considered trained in Knowledge Nature. +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge Nature Checks. You are inducted into membership and can request 1 potion from the following list per week (Barkskin, Endure Elements, Cat’s Grace, Eagle’s Splendor, Bull’s Strength, Owl’s wisdom, Bear’s Endurance, Fox’s Cunning)
16 – 20 Protector: Order priests cast up to 3rd-level spells for free (excluding component costs) when you visit their temple.
20 – 24 Crusader of the Horn: Order priests cast up to 4th-level spells for free (excluding component costs) when you visit their temple.
25 – 29 Paragon of the Horn: By taking a -5 penalty to your affiliation score, you can gain a raise dead spell from an Order priest.
30 or higher Circle Member: effective +2 to caster level for spells in the plant and animal domains.
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Order of the Spiral Horn

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