The majority of the players in this campaign are experiencing Dungeons & Dragons for the first time. While I have participated in several campaigns myself, this is also my first real endeavor behind the screen.

The group has grown both in size and experience as the campaign has progressed and has now evolved into what has been referred to as an “undead Cuisinart”.

Dramatis Personae

Daethin Moonshadow, Elf ranger/wizard, his companion, Scar & his familiar Nicodemus (all retired)
Eleanor Daystar, 1/2 Elf cleric of Pelor (retired)
Kit, Human rogue
Kresimir Reinhard, Human wizard
Piruk Doomsmasher, Dwarven warblade (retired)
Rayne, Human battle sorceror & her familiar, Belfry
Rua’Lanna, 1/2 Elf paladin of Ehlonna & her mount, Ceffyl
Santiago de Campostela, 1/2 Orc monk
Vester, Drow cleric of Olidammara
Xandre Snow, Aasimar bard

Current XP

Current XP Totals
Character Level Current XP XP for next Level
Daethin Moonshadow (retired) 8 31,731 36,000
Eleanor Daystar (retired) 8 30,279 36,000
Kit 9 40,427 45,000
Kresimir Reinhard 9 3,6000 45,000
Piruk Doomsmasher (retired) 9 40,123 45,000
Rayne 9 41,957 45,000
Rua’Lanna 9 39,159 45,000
Santiago de Compostela 9 41,591 45,000
Vester 7 36,197 45,000
Xandre Snow 8 37,677 45,000
Updated to Session 54 on 12/21/2010


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