Power Center: Conventional
Alignment: LG
Size: Large Town
gp limit: 3000g
Population: 3,000


The town of Talynbourg sits alongside a rushing stream in the middle of a high mountain valley in northwest Cydon. The town is encircled by a sturdy, wooden palisade, behind which rise steeply sloping roofs poking up like wooden teeth. The land outside the walls has been cleared for some distance and divided into orderly fields and fallow pastures. The stream, which pours down from the hills has been dammed to form a millpond on the edge of which churns a large water wheel. Orderly stacks of lumber occupy a yard just outside the mill. A squat, keep made of stone overlooks the town from a hilltop along its eastern edge.

Places of Interest

Govt. & Religion
  • Lumber mill


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