The Adventure so Far

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The Adventure so far…

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Past Adventures:

The Road to Riverbend


  • Session 9: Road to Riverbend
  • Session 10: Arrival in Riverbend
  • Session 11: Riverbend Ruins (pt. 1)
  • Session 12: Riverbend Ruins (pt. 2)
  • Session 13: Riverbend Ruins (pt. 3)

Journey to Turimor

Report to the King

  • Session 16: Elven Diplomacy – Piruk Doomsmasher is introduced.
  • Session 17: Meeting the King

Little Piggies

Rescue the Children

To the Heartspring

The Trail to Cydon

Investigations Gone Awry

In Search of the Crystal

In Search of the Prince

The Jewel of Ilysias

The Adventure so Far

The Westerlands gnunn