The Keep at Thunder Vale

Ground Floor
2nd Floor
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Congratulations on your recent acquisition of a gently used castle!

Keep Earnings Summary

Income Expenses
From Taxes: 0g/year Staff Costs: 237g/month
From Resources: 2000g/year
Total: 2000g/year or 167g/month


Your castle currently includes the following features:

Total Stronghold Spaces (ss): 10.5 (functioning) 16.5 (possible)

Fully Functioning Rooms:
  1. Barracks (3ss): These 3 rooms contains beds and basic storage for up to 3 squads of soldiers
  2. Barbican (1ss): The main entrance to the keep has been refurbished and equipped with a shiny new iron portcullis.
  3. Bath (1 ss): Wooden tubs, chamber pots and basic seating.
  4. Curtain Wall: The exterior curtain wall is 10ft. high and constructed of superior masonry.
  5. Dining/Great Hall (2ss): Offers seating for 30 and a large fireplace.
  6. Guard Post (.5ss): Situated above the main gate, this rooftop observation post looks out over the valley.
  7. Kitchen (1ss): Can prepare meals for up to 15 individuals. Includes a pantry & scullery, hearth, pots & pans and washbasin.
  8. Smithy (1ss): The smith uses this room to create weapons and armor for the keep’s troops. (benefit: 1/2 off price for equipping new troops)
  9. Storage Room (1ss): This simple subterranean room offers up to 2,000 cu. ft. of storage space for all manner of goods.
Damaged Rooms:
  1. Teleportation Chamber (1ss): Patch up the gaping hole to the underdark and move in some arcane supplies, and you could make this a fully functional magic lab!
  2. Guard Posts (x2) (1ss): These additional rooftop posts need basic repairs before being safe to access and use.
  3. Master Bedroom (1ss): This large room, with adjoining privy will need to be refurnished before use.

Destroyed Rooms:
Stables (1ss): Currently just a pile of charred timbers and thatch with a couple stray horseshoes in the mix.

Empty rooms (2ss):
The keep currently has 2 empty stronghold spaces which can be customized according to preference.


Current Staff:
  • Castellan (15g/month): Father Yarov has agreed to act as interim castellan.
    • A castellan supervises the day-to-day operations of your keep so you don’t have to!
  • Smith (12g/month): In charge of the smithy, he repairs troops armor and allows future troops to be equipped at 1/2 price.
  • Heavy Infantry [1 squad] (105g/month): This group consists of 10 fighters lead by an officer.
  • Guards [1 squad in training] (105g/month): This group consists of 10 warriors lead by an officer.

Total staff costs: 237g/month


There are two primary ways for your keep to bring in money. Overseeing the collection of nearby resources, and collecting taxes.

Starting up money-making resources will create a steady flow of income for your keep. Mining, farming, logging and trade routes all represent potential sources of income.

Currently Active Resources:
  1. Mining (1000g/year): Clearing the kobold warrens beneath the keep made it safe for miners to commandeer the kobolds’ existing mining operation.
  2. Agriculture (1000g/year): The agriculture guild oversees food production through farming and herding in the valley.
Activating Resources:
These resources may be activated in one of two ways:
  1. Complete a quest to get things running
  2. Pay 5% of your keep’s value to have someone else get things running

Once you activate a resource, you don’t need to worry about it. Each active resource will bring in 1% of your keep’s value each year in pure profit. The more active resources you control, the more commerce will be generated nearby and the more people will want to move to your area. The income from resource operations may be put towards upgrading your keep, or kept for personal use.

Other Potential Resources
  1. Forestry: Coordinating timber, hunting and/or foraging efforts would provide food and building materials for the region.
  2. Come up with your own dang ideas!: This is your chance to get creative with money-making schemes. If it sounds plausible, I’ll help you make it happen.

Welcome to the hoity-toity world of the landed gentry! You now own all of Thunder Vale! As such, you are allowed & expected to collect taxes from the jovial peons who occupy the nearby area.

Calculating tax revenue:
Potential tax revenue is based on the total available cash circulating through the nearby community. The formula for calculating total available cash is given on page 137 of the DMG. When you set the tax rate at a certain percentage, you will earn that percent of the total available cash each year. (Note: You can collect taxes more frequently than once a year, but the total revenue is still based on an annual total)

Right now, the Vale is home to a glorified refugee camp.
  • Population: 1000 (small town)
  • GP Limit: 800
  • Total Available Cash: 40,000g
Spending tax revenue:
Unless you wish to drive the local community into poverty, you must spend all tax revenue on improving your keep &/or the surrounding area. This money can go towards:
  1. Staff Salaries & Equipment
  2. Activating nearby Resources
  3. Building additions to the keep
  4. Public works projects for the town

The Keep at Thunder Vale

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