Crest: Turimor Heraldric
Government: Monarchy
Ruler: King, Andras Trahern
Major Faith: Pelorian
Minor Faiths: Ehlonnic, Heironian


The Human kingdom of Turimor occupies a central location within the Westerlands. The Kingdom is situated between the Cloud Peaks and the Merchant City States along the coast.

Turimor is dominated by a large central plain, but features diverse terrain from the fertile Amber Valley in the north, to the rugged hills around Aelric’s Gap to the fetid swamps of the Tangled Fens along the shores of Lake Turimor.


Turimor thrives on a combination of abundant agricultural resources and brisk international trade which flows in and out of the country along the Aeluhar River, which bisects the kingdom and along the Eastern Tradeway, which runs from the town of Fenwatch over the Cloud Peaks through Cydon to the distant lands of the East.



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