Valarins Journal

Our heroes discovered the journal of Brother Valarin, a cleric of Heironeous while investigating the remains of the Cydonic refugee camp on their way to The Heartspring. The journal was worn from weather and travel. Many of the pages had suffered water damage or had been soiled in some way making it difficult to pull together a complete story from its tattered pages.

Eleanor perused the journal while the party made camp one night and managed to discern the following bits of potentially useful information.

  1. This is the diary of Br. Valarin, of Westholt in Cydon. The early pages contain accounts of overseeing religious ceremonies, feasts, rites of passage and treatment of common maladies typical in village life.
  2. The book goes on to describe an exodus from Westholt in the wake of strange occurrences, illness and brewing conflict.
  3. The end of the book describes the arrival in the Fen and how the refugees set up camp and bartered with the people of Fenwatch for medical supplies, but that the disease continued to spread. They quarantined the sick and mad into separate sections of the camp, occasionally banishing those who became too violent. This camp was for those who still had their health.
  4. During the exodus, the travelers used a hidden mountain pass, normally used only by smugglers or those wishing to remain unseen. They lost several of their number to the bitter cold and to other hazards along the trail. They exited the pass in the foothills due East of the camp.
  5. Brother Valarin began hearing of strange occurrences in the Cydonic countryside right around the same time as the death of King Lytanias.

It may be possible to glean more specific information from the book, but to do so will require patient examination in better lighting conditions.

Valarins Journal

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