The Wayshepherds is a guild of mercenaries who specialize in escorting caravans along the remote and dangerous tradeways that crisscross the realms. They are best known for leading merchants over the Cloud Peaks and across the Redwind Wastes.

Party Encounters

Our heroes first encounter the Wayshepherds shortly after arriving in the town of Fenwatch. The large guildhall there once served as a major hiring point for Eastbound caravans seeking escorts. Unfortunately, when the party arrives, they discover the town overrun with highly aggressive swine and the Wayshepherd’s guild has been converted into a fortress and refuge for what remains of the town’s population.

The party meets, Ba’art, a Drow Wayshepherd turned acting sheriff who tasks them with eliminating the wayward hogs so that the townsfolk can begin rebuilding.

After the party rids Fenwatch of it’s pig problem, the guildhall is commandeered to be used as a headquarters by the Turimori platoon sent to secure the town for reconstruction.


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