Mysterious rogue and spy for the Cydonic Resistance

1st Encounter: Session 33, Talynbourg
Attitude: Friendly (technically speaking)
Physical Traits: Unwashed and his hands shake
Personality: Taciturn, Sardonic
Role: Contact
Affiliations: Cydonic Rebels

Upon first glance, Virago appears to be simply another vagabond, perpetually caked in the dust of the road. However, beneath the layers of grime, his equipment appears to be of unusually fine craftsmanship and his skill at combat gives lie to something beneath his traveller’s facade.

Virago is a spy for the Cydonic rebels, who do not believe the stories of Steponas’s patricide are as cut and dry as rumors would have them. At the very least, they think he should have the chance to make his defense on the field of combat.


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