Cydonic Oath of Knighthood

The Oath of Knighthood

The Cydonic Oath of Knighthood is taken by anyone receiving a title which grants military authority and/or land ownership within the kingdom of Cydon. The text of the Oath reads as follows:


Right mindful of your prowess on the field, and responsive to the wishes of your peers, we are minded to make you knight. Know that to wear the badge of a knight is to hold a sacred trust; that the obligations of knighthood will demand your efforts every moment of your life.

A knight of Cydon must be respectful of all goodly religions, never offending the faith of another. A knight must respect all those who are weak or defenseless, whether because of age, infirmity, poverty, or vow, and be steadfast in defending them.

His word must be dependable beyond doubt or question. He must never flee from the face of his foes. He must be generous to all. And, always and everywhere, he must be the champion of the right and the good.

Do you here swear fealty and do homage to the Crown of Cydon? Do you swear to ever be a good knight and true, reverent and generous, shield of the weak, obedient to your liege-lord, foremost in battle, courteous at all times, champion of the right and the good.


Thus swear I, [Name].

Cydonic Oath of Knighthood

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