Eleanors Interrogation

(Will save: 13) You have entered the area of a Zone of Truth spell. You may remain silent or omit details, but otherwise must tell the truth.

Lord Dekelor: “You are suspected on the following charges:

  1. Accomplice to robbery
  2. Espionage
  3. Knowilngly associating with outlaws

May I see your Cydonic Entrance Visa?”

Eleanor Daystar: “I wasn’t aware I needed one.”

Lord Dekelor: “Well then, please state the following…Full Name?”

Eleanor Daystar: “Eleanor Daystar, Cleric of Pelor”

Lord Dekelor: “Place of Birth?”

Eleanor Daystar: “Rivenwood.”

Lord Dekelor: “Place of current residence?”

Eleanor Daystar: “I have no current place of residence. I am a Pelorian Cleric and adventurer serving the will of my church.”

Lord Dekelor: “How and when did you enter Cydon?”

Eleanor Daystar: ” I am not exactly sure when my companions and I passed into Cydon, as we were traveling through the mountains, but we came straight to town once exiting the mountains.”

Lord Dekelor: “What is your reason for being in the country?”

Eleanor Daystar: “I have been investigating the source of the Blight in the mountains as requested by my church, as it has been causing sickness and unrest in Turimor. My fellow travelers and I have been fighting undead and cursed creatures whilst searching for the source of the Blight, and containing it the best we can. Our investigation has brought us to Cydon, where we think the blight has originated.”

Lord Dekelor: “While I appreciate the worth of your task, your church seems to have little respect for the sovereignty of other nations. If they had intended you to expand your search into Cydon, they should have sent an official offer of help to the Prince Regent and to his Eminence, Archbishop Percunis instead of sending their agents skulking over the mountains like so many trolls.”

Eleanor Daystar: “The blight was spreading rapidly, and our party decided there was not time to seek official permission – we thought it more important to deal with the problem as swiftly as possible.”

Lord Dekelor: “Please explain your side of the events which took place this evening at the Lion’s Paw

Eleanor Daystar: “I feel the charges brought against me and my fellow party members are greatly distorted.”

Lord Dekelor: “I have reports from several honorable members of the city watch stating that members of your party have been asking probing questions around town. Several even stated that your dwarven companion attempted to bribe them with drinks in an effort to coerce details of Cydon’s border defenses out of them. Furthermore, three of your companions were spotted by watchman Kolya speaking with one of the Kinslayer’s spies shortly before his arrest at our hands.”

Eleanor Daystar: “I am sure any actions taken by my companions were similar in vein to my own; being new to your land, I thought it prudent to learn as much as I could. We were unaware of the current situation with the sons of the deceased king, nor did we know about your governmental structure and the best way to open lines of communication. We assumed you would be wary from the get-go, and it was not our intention to aggravate your wariness. As to the spy of the Kinslayer, as I said, we are new to these lands, and from what I understand, the person approached my companions, neither of whom knew who the man was.

Look, the cause of the unfortunate events this evening was a malfunctioning retrieval unit, with a penchant for shiny things. My companion uses it only to assess dangerous situations in dire circumstances – not for robbery! As far as I know, none of my fellow party members are outlaws, including myself.”

Lord Dekelor: “That may be the case… and Mistress Thryn’s jewel has been returned to her minus a few lost hairs to her head, but nevertheless, your green-haired companion (Kit) was found with thieving implements on her person as well as several alchemical substances that have no place in society or honorable conflict.”

Eleanor Daystar: “My companion is a warrior in her own right. Just because she does not fight with a longsword or shield does not diminish the heroism of her acts, nor the bravery she has shown in battle when faced with seemingly insurmountable evil.

Besides, I did offer to help during the crisis in the bar, and (haughtily) if you would have accepted the help I would have been able to stop the whole incident before it got out of hand! (less haughtily) I try to deal with problems in the most straightforward, logical ways possible.

Are you a member of the Shining Blades? I have read about them in my studies… Look, I believe the Church of Heironeous is a just and honorable church, and I am willing to aid the good causes of Heironeous in whatever way I can while I am in Cydon.”

Lord Dekelor: “While I appreciate your vote of confidence, and your offer of help, I am afraid your party’s visible track record suggests you may do more harm than good.”

Eleanor Daystar: “If your harsh judgment stems from visible proof, then I am of the opinion that your aren’t looking hard enough.”

Lord Dekelor: “I have no further questions. You may go.”

Eleanors Interrogation

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