GM Techniques

Battling a Lego Treant at the Heartspring

The Frugal GM

When I first started this campaign, I did not have permanent employment. As such, I was

  1. very strapped for cash
  2. flush with plenty of spare time to dedicate to game planning.

Even though I have been working full time again for some time now, I still enjoy the creativity involved with gaming on a budget. This section of my campaign wiki will provide links to free, or low-cost GM resources and will detail some of the techniques I use while running my campaign.

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Online Resources:
General Resources

  • Official 3.5 ed. Archive -WOTC’s compiled online archive of 3.5 articles and resources. This site is great for coming up with hooks, adventure ideas or developing characters’ tactics.
  • 3.5 ed. D&D Wiki -This site contains most of the information that can be found within the three core D&D rulebooks with the exception of certain proprietary material (e.g. mindflayers). The information is also searchable, making it invaluable for quickly looking up rules, spell details, etc.

Specific Online Resources

GM Techniques

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