Gnossian empire


The Gnossian Empire was a highly advanced civilization, which is believed to have covered most of the Westerlands at some point in the distant past. The Gnoss rose to greatness through their masterful blending of magic and technology, which they used to construct massive cities and wonderous works of engineering.

Several millenia ago, the Gnossian Empire mysteriously collapsed. The reason for the fall has long been lost from memory, though legends and stories continue to speculate about its causes. Some suggest that the Empire became overpopulated resulting in famine and plague, while others claim it grew complacent and was overrun by savage hoards invading from the Red Wind Wastes. Still others claim that the Gods themselves felt threatened by the ever-growing knowledge of the Gnoss and laid waste to the Empire in order to protect their dominion over the World.

Gnossian Ruins

All that remains of the Gnossian Empire are numerous ruins scattered half-buried around the region. These sites have attracted the focus of governments, churches, arcane scholars and adventurers who each seek them out to serve their own unique ends. Much of Gnossian technology is remarkably well preserved if it can be found unmolested by beasts or robbers. Unfortunately, several thousand years of such pursuits have left unsullied ruins few and far between.

Gnossian empire

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