Initiative Tracking

Tracking Tools

  • Initiative Cards (1 per PC and major NPC. 1 per type of minor NPC)
  • Wet erase markers
  • 30-second sand timer
  • round counter (percentile dice)


During combat encounters, the initiative order of all participating characters are tracked using the following procedure.

  1. When combat (a.k.a. “go time”) starts the GM asks everyone to roll initiative.
  2. Each player writes their initiative result on their characters’ initiative card. The GM does the same for all NPCs.
  3. The cards are placed in order at the edge of the game table so that the initiative order is visible to all.
    • If only certain characters are aware of combat, they participate in a surprise round consisting of 1 standard or move action per character.
  4. Once all characters are aware of combat, the percentile dice are set at the head of the initiative card stack and set to “01”
  5. The sand timer is flipped and placed on the card of the first character in the initiative order. The player has until the timer runs out to decide what they will do during the round. Once they have decided, the player resolves all rolls and the timer is flipped onto the next character’s card.
    • If the player fails to decide, their character is automatically considered to be taking a total defense action until the following round.
    • If any player declares that they are delaying or readying an action, their card is slid to the side until the end of the round, or until their intent to take their action.
  6. When the combat round ends, the percentile dice at the head of the card stack are advanced by an increment of 1, and the timer is flipped back onto the first character in the stack and everything repeats from step 5.

The GM may also use an initiative-based system outside of combat in order to limit confusion about the order of character’s decisions and actions.

Initiative Tracking

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