Kits Interrogation

(Will save: 12) You have entered the area of a Zone of Truth spell. You may remain silent or omit details, but otherwise must tell the truth.

Lord Dekelor: “You are suspected on the following charges:

  1. Attempted Robbery
  2. Resisting arrest
  3. Possession of thieving implements
  4. pick-pocketing
  5. Espionage

May I see your Cydonic Entrance Visa?”

Kit: “I wasn’t aware I needed one.”

Lord Dekelor: “Well then, please state the following…Full Name?”

Kit: “My name is Kit and I’m an orphan and don’t know my family name.”

Lord Dekelor: “Place of Birth?”

Kit: “I don’t know.”

Lord Dekelor: “Place of current residence?”

Kit: “I do not now, nor have I ever known a place of residence.”

Lord Dekelor: “How and when did you enter Cydon?”

Kit: “I just follow my friends wherever they go and don’t really understand why they’re doing what they’re doing.”

Lord Dekelor: “What is your reason for being in the country?”

Kit: “I told you, I don’t really understand why they’re doing what they’re doing!”

Lord Dekelor: “Please explain your side of the events which took place this evening at the Lion’s Paw

Kit: “I have nothing more to say and won’t until I’m provided adequate legal representation.”

Lord Dekelor: chuckles “The standard means of resolving these matters in Cydon is to face your accuser in single combat, for certainly Heironeous will favor the one whose cause is just. Given the fact that you were found to have thieving implements, caltrops, and several alchemical substances on your person that are not normally used in polite society or honorable combat on your person, and among your gear, I would advise you not to have too much faith that the Invincible One will smile on you in such a situation.

Do you have anything further to say?”

Kit: “Begging your pardon, sir. I, and none of my friends, had any intention to break any laws here as far as I know, and I’ve gotten by as best I could for as many years as I was made able with what implements allowed me to do so. I apologize if said tools are deemed inappropriate by some, but I lack great strength, great intelligence, and great magic abilities. Survival in this world, I don’t have to tell you, means being useful and being useful in my case means tools. Said tools evidently don’t fall under the rules of what you have called “polite society”, but the concept in and of itself is something nearly entirely foreign to me given my upbringing, or lack thereof, though I don’t use this as an excuse. I use this merely to explain. If by “polite society” you mean never harming those who have done no wrong, I would argue that I have very nearly never deviated from this philosophy and in such cases as were deemed necessary, my reasons were sound. If this is your definition, I suppose I could be considered a member of “polite society” despite the equipment in my bag.

Neither myself nor my traveling companions, as far as I know, meant any harm to anybody here whatsoever and as far as I know, we were every bit as likely to bugger off on our merry way as we would have been to stick around. These people are always on about one quest or another and when all in question came together for the first time, I was merely wandering my merry way with no goals or prospects. Following these folk has given me more direction than none, which while possibly not ideal, was more than I had. Near as I know, none of us has any specific mission in life.

Except maybe the Religious folk. I’ll never understand them.

I’m sorry I don’t have more information for you, but if adequate legal representation equates to my fists, my aforementioned point stands. Without my equipment, I am an almost entirely useless human being, especially in terms of combat. If the law here requires combat, I find myself incapable of obtaining fair representation, which leaves me at your mercy.

Might I trouble you for some water? I was mere seconds from ordering a drink when your men stormed the inn.”

Lord Dekelor: “I have no further questions. You may go.”

Kits Interrogation

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