Lannas Interrogation

While being escorted, Lanna checks in with Ceffyl. She receives a response indicating that he sensed something was up. It is a mix of curiosity and wariness. Lanna then reaches out with a feeling of confusion and the sort of emotion she used to have when she would ask her mentor for guidance, hoping that the unicorn will be able to provide her with some sort of advice. The only response she gets is the continued wariness now touched with a hint of confusion… She doesn’t think he understood.

Lanna then shifts her tactic, attempting to detect the tell-tale auras on the soldiers that swirl around evil people like unctious clouds of flies, but once again her efforts turn up little.

(Will save: 25) You have entered the area of a Zone of Truth spell but made your save and so are not bound by its power.

Lord Dekelor: “You are suspected on the following charges:

  1. Accomplice to robbery
  2. Knowingly associating with outlaws
  3. Espionage

May I see your Cydonic Entrance Visa?”

Rua’Lanna: smiling prettily and arranging herself so that her cleavage is shown to its best advantage. “I am an initiate of the Order of the Spiral Horn of Ehlonna and am on a mission for my order that has also been sanctioned by the clerics of Pelor. While fighting evil, my companions and I ended up on a long-abandoned route through the mountains, and our journey led us to Cydon. When we entered the town, we were not asked for visas, so it didn’t occur to me that we would need them.”

Lord Dekelor: “Well then, please state the following…Full Name?”

Rua’Lanna: “My name is Rua’Lanna… just Rua’Lanna… but my friends call me Lanna.”

Lord Dekelor: “Place of Birth?”

Rua’Lanna: “Lyndstead… but I was reborn on the Eye of Ehlonna deep in Elionde.”

Lord Dekelor: “Place of current residence?”

Rua’Lanna: “the Bower Grove on the Eye of Ehlonna.”

Lord Dekelor: “How and when did you enter Cydon?”

Rua’Lanna: “We came over the mountains from Turimor a couple days ago.”

Lord Dekelor: “What is your reason for being in the country?”

Rua’Lanna: “My companions and I are on a mission to fight evil, and our journey led us into Cydon – after all, evil doesn’t hold to political boundaries.”

Lord Dekelor: “Please explain your side of the events which took place this evening at the Lion’s Paw

Rua’Lanna: “Well, my friends and I were enjoying a refreshing drink in the common room, and I was particularly engrossed in the music of the bard… whasshisname… when I heard a ruckus. Everything was happening quickly, so I didn’t get a full idea of what was going on. I did notice that my friends were getting involved, and that both Kit and the woman in the common room seemed to have been attacked by something. My friends and I can all get a little overenthusiastic when we think there’s a wrong to be righted. I was just tipsy enough to know that I would probably trip over my own two feet, and not drunk enough to think that it would be a good idea to get involved anyway unless it proved to be a truly dangerous situation.

Once I saw that you and your friends had taken control, I decided to heed your advice and stay seated. leaning forward, putting her hand on his wrist I couldn’t help but notice how masterfully you handled the situation.

As for the charges, it’s ridiculous. I follow a higher power, and I would never knowingly consort with outlaws. I have no need to steal – my needs are provided for by the grace of Ehlonna, and I certainly don’t want or need anything more than food, shelter, clothing, and the occasional hot bath… Though I do have a weakness for good weapons and armor and am happy that by working for my Goddess, I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with enough to get my current accouterments. blatantly eyeing Dekelor up and down Speaking of which, you sure have a mighty sword there. giggling As for espionage, it is well beyond my intelligence, but that I did hear that Prince Steponas killed the King after making a deal with a demon! Is that true?”

Lord Dekelor: pulling his hand back “Ah… Ahem… I have no further questions. You may go.”

Lannas Interrogation

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