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A Blight Upon the Land…

In the depths of winter, the Cydonic King, Lytanias died of circumstances unknown beyond the borders of his kingdom. Rumors of his passing leaked over the mountains along with refugees fleeing a mysterious blight upon their land. Now, with the spring thaw the borders of Cydon, gatekeeper of the Eastern Tradeway, remain sealed to foreign traffic and the blight has begun to spread beyond the mountains. Those who encounter it become corrupted of body and mind, until they succumb to madness or the horrors of undeath, and beings of elemental evil arise within the lands overcome by its touch.

With overland trade choked off and the mysterious spreading blight, a small party of intrepid adventurers has been tasked by the churches of Ehlonna and Pelor to seek out the source of the encroaching evil, and by the government of Turimor to investigate the connection with it’s mountainous neighbor to the East.

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