Phaeton's Letter

Sister Eleanor,

I have received the updated report regarding your recent excursion into the Tangled Fens. I am pleased that you were able to successfully recover some of the town’s children. The loss of life and the presence of such evil in the land is an abomination and you and your companions have represented the Faith well in exposing such horrors to the virtuous light of the Shining One and to their ultimate doom.

I have noted your request for aid, and certainly the blight facing the border regions must be dealt with. Unfortunately, many of the Church’s resources are currently engaged in other official matters and those that can be spared will take time to muster. In the mean time, I can see to it that Brother Saul is fully supplied with the healing and purification materials necessary to keep the Blight at bay and to treat any injury that may be inflicted upon body or soul.

The bearers of this message have been dispatched with orders to assist Brother Saul in his duties providing religious guidance to the region. Their needs will be given priority should they require additional salves, scrolls or other healing material if their current supply diminishes faster than they can restore it through their own efforts. At the moment, this is all I can offer by way of support.

You have proven yourself a formidable Light-bringer and a credit to the cloth. I ask that you and your companions continue to do everything in your power to combat the blight plaguing the borderlands. Let the wisdom of all-seeing Pelor guide you and may your mace fell his foes with every strike.

Pelorian seal

Your Shepherd and Companion in the Light,
Dayfather Phaeton
Solarium of Pelor

Phaeton's Letter

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