Raynes Interrogation

(Will save: Critical Fail) You have entered the area of a Zone of Truth spell. You may remain silent or omit details, but otherwise must tell the truth.

Lord Dekelor: “You are suspected on the following charges:

  1. Accomplice to robbery
  2. Unlawful use of magic
  3. Attempting to interfere with an official in the course of his duty
  4. Espionage
  5. Associating with outlaws and a traitor to the crown.”

Rayne: “Good ser, we’ve only just arrived to your town yesterday. What espionage have we engaged in? All we’ve done is try to rest-up and prepare for the journey ahead. We’ve tried to befriend the locals & engage them in conversation to learn as much as possible about this country, as none of us has ever ventured here before. Also, I don’t have the slightest idea what you mean about associating with outlaws and traitors! Who would that be? We’ve met many people since we arrived.”

Lord Dekelor: “Several members of the city watch have reported that your companions have been asking probing questions around town. They have even informed me that your dwarven companion attempt to bribe them with drinks during their down time in an effort to coerce details of Cydon’s border defenses out of them. In a country dealing with an active insurgency, what am I supposed to think of such activity!? Futhermore, You, the gnome and the elf were spotted by watchman, Kolya sitting amongst a copse of trees conversing with one of the Kinslayer’s spies while examining several expensive items shortly before his arrest here in town.

Now then… May I see your Cydonic Entrance Visa?”

Rayne: “Good ser, our party is on an urgent quest set before us by the churches of Ehlonna & Pelor which set us ranging through the wilds of Turimor. We were not aware our path would lead into Cydon when first we embarked. That truth was revealed to us in the eastern wilds in the foothills of the mountains at which point journeying back to civilization would have perilously delayed our endeavor. People are dying & there is a blight upon the land. We quest to purge this evil blight to the benefit of all.

Furthermore, I must admit that before this journey was begun, I had never even been to a major city, let alone out of the country, and I honestly did not know a visa would be required. [this is a bashful admission, Rayne would like to think of herself as worldly, but she honestly has no knowledge regarding the protocols of international travel] We certainly did not intend to be unlawful.”

Lord Dekelor: “Well then, please state the following…Full Name?”

Rayne: “Rayne, born as Dawn Greenfield”

Lord Dekelor: “Place of Birth?”

Rayne: “Millstream, Turimor.”

Lord Dekelor: “Place of current residence?”

Rayne: “It has been a goodly while since I had a hearth to call home, my place is wherever the defense of the weak & innocent leads me.”

Lord Dekelor: “How and when did you enter Cydon?”

Rayne: “It took us about a week to cross the Cloud Peaks via the mountain pass to the Northwest. On our first day in the mountains we met & defeated a vicious wyvern. A couple days later we happened upon a drawbridge fortification overrun with hobgoblin & ogre slavers. It seems they had been busy. We managed to assault their fortifications during the night. We joined in bloody battle with the slavers and managed to rescue the slaves without loss of innocent life. Once they were freed, we provided them with provisions and some weapons & set upon the path back to safety.

Perhaps the bridge would be advantagous for the Cydonian government to secure, leading to safer travel, border security, & incomes from taxing the crossing. And now that we killed all the bad guys, it won’t cost you anything to take it.

Anyway, after rescuing the poor innocents from those evil monstrous slavers, we continued on our way. A couple days later the trail came down from the mountain & we happened upon Talynbourg, hoping to rest & reprovision in your good town before setting our steps again towards the quest the gods have bestowed upon us. “

Lord Dekelor: (Listening intently, stonefaced) “While it is all well and good to be rid of such monstrous creatures, I highly doubt the Cydonic government would have an interest in occupying a crumbling outpost along a long-abandoned highway when the Tradeway flushes our kingdom with a constant flow of commerce.”

“Now then… What is your reason for being in the country?”

Rayne: “There is a horrible blight affecting Fenwatch & eastern Turimor, and refugees from your country have been streaming over the border, seeking shelter in the Turimori countryside. The extended closure of the Cydonic border is causing a great deal of concern in Turimor as it is stifling the trade on which both our countries rely. We began battling the Blight that had spread to Turimor. We helped liberate the town of Fenwatch from it’s own pigs, which had succumbed to the Blight’s corrupting effects. We also eliminated a pair of horrific fey who had been abducting, enslaving and even eating the same town’s children. After restoring some semblance of order to Fenwatch, we went in search of the Blight’s source. Our journey lead us to the Heartspring in hopes of eliminating the ultimate source of the Blight. We found that even the guardians of that holiest of sites had succumbed to the Blight’s evil. We managed to rescue the unicorn, Ceffyl from a treant who had been driven to madness by the Blight. We determined that the Blight is carried on the water and have sealed the he spring to staunch its spread. However, this solution is only temporary, and we are still searching for the source of the potent evil corrupting the waters of the Heartspring. Until we find & destroy the source of that evil, the land & people will continue to die and, even worse, suffer the torment of undeath. Evil recognizes no borders and no king. It’s will is bent indiscriminately upon the destruction of us all.” (cries a single tear)

Lord Dekelor: “I am sorry to hear that the Blight has spread beyond our borders. Those of us in the service of the King have been battling valiantly to hold the foul Blight-spawn at bay. It does not help that we must simultaneously deal with traitors to the crown among our own numbers. Once we bring the foul Kinslayer to justice, both of these problems and so hopefully yours will be resolved. However, this is, at its heart, a Cydonic matter and the Royal Army is more than up to the challenge. We will be victorious, or it will be our doom.”

Could you please explain your side of the events which took place this evening at the Lion’s Paw?”

Rayne: “I must admit that I did not see what originated the conflict in the tavern. I was enjoying the lively performance by Wigston (our friend we rescued from the slavers in the mountains). The local lady screamed, I turned & saw our friend Daethin standing near her as a spider-looking creature scuttled away under the tables. I can only assume that Daethin saw the creature about to accost the lady & rushed to prevent it from touching her, but sadly arrived to late. I do hope the lady has recovered! She suffered such a fright!

Then, suddenly my friend Kit started screaming & trying to run away. The armed men were grappling with her & I feared for her safety! I must admit to attempting to magically suggest that she be unhanded. I have never before heard such a fit of hysterics from her! I could not bear it should any harm come to her & I reacted upon instinct. Kit has been my very dear and closest friend in this world for years.

As I’ve mentioned, I am not familiar with the laws & customs of this country. I have not attacked anyone or set my Will upon anyone with malice. It most certainly was not my intention to break any laws. I admit to making the suggestion that my companion be unhanded when I saw her being accosted, but only out of fear for her safety. Your men are obviously strong and well armed and she is just one small woman.”

Lord Dekelor: “I don’t know how they do things in your backwater town of, Millstream, was it? but I don’t know of any law-abiding civilization in which it is permissible to attempt to magically coerce an officer of the law in the course of his duties.”

Rayne: (after an uncomfortable pause) “I had no idea that spider creature was attempting to rob that poor lady? It’s too bad Daethin was not able to save her! I can assure you I had no part in trying to rob her. As I’ve mentioned, we are on a quest set before us by the gods Ehlonna & Pelor. We have no need for jewels and trinkets, only for the tools with which to smite evil. The gods do not look favorably upon those that would take of what does not belong to them.”

Lord Dekelor: “According to the Pelorian in your group, Kit has had the spider device in her possession for quite some time. As her dear and closest friend, I find it difficult to believe that you had no idea what the contraption was, or what it was up to…”

Lord Dekelor: “I have no further questions. You may go.”

Raynes Interrogation

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