Risk and Reward

House Rule:

In order to encourage bold role-playing while simultaneously facilitating smooth gameplay, I have decided to implement an “Ad-hoc check” rule inspired by the article Rewarding the Risks.

This rule will come into play if a player wishes to “bend the rules” by attempting something truly heroic, and/or unusual. (e.g. Piruk attempting to charge across the bar room table to disrupt Kit’s arrest)

In such events, I will roll a d%. The result will determine the degree of success or failure in the attempt. The base ranges for the potential results are as follows:

  • Spectacular 86 – 100 (15%): A miraculous achievement, through either undoubted skill or blind luck, so spectacular that it not only improves the character’s situation, but also the situation of the entire party.
  • Amazing 71 – 85 (15%): Completing an objective so easily and with such skill that there are no possible negatives in the outcome.
  • Pass 51 – 70 (20%): Achieving the objective with ease and without hassle, in just the right way that nothing detrimental or overly rewarding will happen to the party.
  • Fail 31 – 50 (20%): Achieving the objective even after a series of mishaps and stressful situations, the task may be completed, but it was done very poorly.
  • Awful 16 – 30 (15%): Failing to achieve the objective through a mistake or unforeseen circumstance that hinders or alters the party’s progress.
  • Horrible 01 – 15 (15%): Failing an objective so badly that the outcome negatively affects the entire group.

The ranges for any given check will be modified based on the difficulty of the task, whether the character is using a trained skill, and how cool I think the idea is.

Risk and Reward

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